Thursday, July 19, 2007

Auroville Papers

I *heart* handmade paper & products. I have posted about them before here, here, here & here.

Auroville Papers has some amazing products. They are made out of only natural vegetal fibres. No trees are cut in the making of this paper, they have fantastic textures, patterns & colours, all inspired by Mother Nature.
Posters from Auroville Papers. They can be framed and used as pieces of art!'Poems of nature' range of gift items. (Inspired by nature..just love the impressions of the leaves!)
Range of 'Gift wrapping paper' is exquisite! Check out the textures!!!

You can check out their site. They have loads of interesting products like Paper earrings, Gift Sets, Wrapping Paper and more...Do visit!

(all images from Auroville Papers)


Anonymous said...

Simply Breath takin…



Bhavna said...

I am guilty of hoarding beautiful paper :-O! I pick up handmade paper to make cards or for wrapping gifts, and then don't have the heart to cut it up or give it away to someone! ;-)

Auroville paper definitely falls in this category!

Pacchai Milagai said...

Hi arch. u read my mind.. I wasthinking about writing a post on auroville products...:) I guess I have to say "great minds think alike!" I dont own their lovely paper but I have two beautiful lanterns made using pressed flowers.

Lisa said...

OOOO loving this!!! Esp the way they look on the walls! SO cool!

Vinita said...

Ohhhhh so this is where you regularly write. I would visit your rang decor blog everyday and would get disappointed that there wasnt any new post.

I am so much in love with the decor of your house . It feels so warm and welcoming. keep posting a lot of photos.


Arch said...

Kanchan- Thanks!

Bhavna- I do that too, but with all my daughter's & my friends birthdays all round the year..I have to part with I enjoy wrapping it!!

Pacchai- I think you can still do a post on Auroville..they have such a wide range of products:-)

Lisa- Glad you liked it:-) Thanks!

Vinita- Thanks for dropping by at my blogs...Since I have 3 blogs and a daughter;-) I try to post regularly on this blog ( Rang-Colours of Life)
Rang Decor I usually post once a week.
Mallika's blog when ever she is inspired enough to draw;-))
Do drop by often:-))

Rochambeau said...

Absolutely stunning. I love paper too. Also you new banner is so happy and so "you".

vineeta said...

sexy stuff! in bombay we have chimanlals papers- which is also very interesting. i have an auroville knit wear top- which i just love :) they make such amazing things!

Arch said...

rochambeau- Thanks a lot for your kind words:-)

vineeta- Oh I love Chimanlal's too.
I'd love to see your Auroville Knit top...hope you'll cover it in your blog..when you start it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Arch, thanks so much for sharing this! I will be linking here soon!

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