Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teapot Cafe...

Having heard a lot about the 'Teapot Cafe' and being tea-lovers, this cafe had to be on our list of to-visit places.
While exploring the streets of Fort Kochi, we came across the lovely board that read 'Teapot'. We decided we would come back later in the evening to check out their wide variety of teas served:-)
Dusk arrived and so did the rains.
We couldn't let a few droplets keep us away from that steaming cup of 'Masala Chai' could we?
So, armed with borrowed umbrellas, we waddled through knee-deep water to reach our dream destination~ Teapot Cafe!
The cafe was full of tea lovers, enjoying theirs cups/mugs/teapots of delicious hot tea, while it steadily rained outside. We were led to a mezzanine, from where we could enjoy the view of teapots in various sizes hanging on hooks.
The cafe has teapots, kettles and tea accessories collected by the owner displayed beautifully.
Framed jute bags used for packing tea leaves.
Long leaf tea, one of the many served in the cafe:-)
BTW, We had a pot of masala chai with samosas and grilled sandwiches...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kashi Art Cafe...

Kashi Art Cafe~ A quaint cafe' that houses an art gallery showcasing the finest works by contemporary artists, a relaxed space where artists, enthusiasts and tourists like us can meet, hang out and enjoy their delicious homemade cakes and french press coffee.
At Kashi Art Cafe, they say 'no to plastics' and serve mineral water in sterilized glass bottles.
What a great idea and love that bottle!(hey but you can't take the bottle, only for drinking;-)
It was super hot in the afternoon and their 'Iced Tea' was a such a great thirst quencher. While you are there also try their refreshing Lemonade with ayurvedic herb.
Ok. Ok. Chai lovers do forgive me;-) On our second visit to the cafe, I was very intrigued by the Bodum French Press coffee, I just needed to try it out.
Sitting pretty is a large slice of Chocolate Cake with a generous helping of Chocolate Sauce.

So next time you are in Fort Cochin, you know where to head for a great glass of Iced tea or a slice of their homemade Date & Walnut cake:-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The streets of Fort Kochi...

The first thing that struck us when we entered the streets of Fort Cochin or Fort Kochi is the architectural style~ An interesting blend of British, Portuguese & Dutch style.
An eclectic blend of art culture, quaint theme-cafes', colonial homestays, churches, designer stores, antique shops and boutique hotels...We stayed at a heritage colonial hotel called The Old Courtyard, that came highly recommended for it's food as well as the proximity to the streets of Fort Cochin.(More on that in Rang Decor soon:-)
Walking on the streets, gazing at the various signboards & architectural style was itself a refreshing activity.I loved the names of the various streets...
Beautiful boards on the walls of Malabar House a boutique hotel.
Many cafes' catering to various tastes, line these streets.Loved the liberal use of vibrant colours on the walls of various homes.If you have eaten in all the restaurants and cafes' and want to try something new, join the cooking classes:-)Dal Roti - Desi Khana was amazing. Simple decor. Great food.Idiom Booksellers~ A great little book store, where you can sell your old books and buy new ones:-)

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the streets of Fort Cochin as seen through my eyes.
Stay tuned. Will be posting about two very interesting cafe's that had us going back for more:-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Remember me?

It's me~ Arch:-) Sorry to have gone missing yet again.
It's summer.
It's vacation time.
It's swimming time.
It's catching up on all the books time.
It's feeling the warm breeze on your skin time.
It's getting tanned time.
It's waddling in cool water time.
It's mango time.
It's 'doing-nothing' time.
It's also 'telling you all what I have been upto' time;-)
Been out on long weekend trips and to the land of aromatic spices and backwaters~ Kerala!
Have loads to share about the quaint cafes' of Fort Kochi and the backwater cruises in Alleppey.

Will be back soon:-)