Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ceramic love...

Rhine Stone Art Pottery & Auroville mugs

* For me ceramic containers are pieces of art.
* When I drink a tea or a coffee in a particular ceramic mug, it's an experience.(some of you are smiling)
* In some I like the colours, the texture, the patterns and in some the sheer imperfections!
* The fact that it was just a blob of clay and now it is this piece of art in the hands of a potter makes it special.
* I use them for tea, coffee, beverages and also place plants & flowers in them.
* I pick up ceramic mugs from art studios, exhibitions, craft fairs, regular crockery stores, dollar stores or sometimes on street corners.
image from Forest Pottery Ceramics Khurja Pottery image from Mantra Pottery.com
Enjoy these...

image from white bike ceramic.com
image from white forest pottery.com

Some eye-candy here-

* little japanese pitcher
* green and blue mugs

* new mugs
Next time you drink tea or coffee..enjoy your mug :-)


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Very Inspiring!!!
~ Kanchan

~Me said...

Arch...i just love everything u do..u inspire me...keep posting:)

Rochambeau said...

Dear Arch,
Many of the pieces are very unique, and new to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.
Hope you are well!

Arch said...

Kanchan, Panache, Rochambeau- Thanks a lot!!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Wonderful! Have you met Gawpo!!!!
Go to my comments and find him, he throws clay!!!

Emma said...

I agree with you so much about handmade ceramics! Beautiful.

Pacchai Milagai said...

Hi Arch.... I love ceramics too... lovely pics and very nice post...

Sugarlips said...

I've tried to search online for these ceramics BUT they don't outside India :(

Loved your pics, so different and unique pics :)

Stay Beautiful...!!