Thursday, March 27, 2008

sun, sunlight, rain...

* mornings are bright, sunny and beautiful.
* evenings are cloudy, windy, rainy and beautiful.
* watching raindrops slide down leaves.

* hands are curled around mugs of steaming hot chai.
* finding beauty in 'things as they are'
* learning that sunlight, a wooden table and a hot cup of morning chai is a great combination that makes it to the front page of explore.
* I linger around windows, sinks and wash basins.
* completely bowled over by
this, this and this.
* hope to own a polaroid and a holga someday.
* I think
park weddings are so simple and beautiful
* discovered 'Rumi'
* watching an ice cream melt is lovely.

Enjoy the day and your life.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


these days...
* a big fat green barbet starts it's musical duet with the cuckoos in the summer afternoons.
* a lovely cold glass of fruit smoothie, when I get home from the sun.
* the cool morning breeze caresses me while I cut and prune in my balcony.
* melons, strawberries, grapes.
* tabebuias and jacarandas. pinks and purples paint the skies and the roads.
* countdown for summer vacations begin.
* ice-creams are devoured just minutes after breakfast.

Before I leave here is some amazing eye-candy from
Love Made Visible.
The beautiful Lakshmi Menon appears in the Hermes Campaign - Hermes Orange, Indian Pink.
Inspired by the painted elephants of Rajasthan. ( India sure is rocking!)