Sunday, May 23, 2010

my heart goes..Lha~Ri~Sa

Tucked away in one of the by-lanes of Leh, Ladakh is a beautiful Ladakhi family owned boutique resort ~ Lha~Ri~Sa.
Stepping into the property, I was completely taken in by the stunning beauty of the tall poplar trees trying to reach the deep blue heavens.Heaven indeed it was...
Apricot trees were in full bloom...We were welcomed by the very warm and friendly Mr Tashi Motup Kau, who owns and manages Lha-Ri-Sa Resorts and a great steaming cup of ginger tea.
Anything you need to know in Ladakh, about the places to visit, the best trekking options, which monasteries, what to buy, where to buy...

You answer is Mr Tashi Motup.
Lha~ Ri~ Sa has retained the traditional Ladakhi architecture, at the same time blended the convenience and luxury of contemporary design. Huge glass windows allow bright sunlight to warm & brighten every corner of the lovely reception lobby.

One of my favorite spots in the lobby.
The view from our room was amazing. The snow-covered Zanskar mountain range.
We had a great time at the tree house in the property. Chai in the shadow of willow trees was something to remember.
The view of Zanskar range again...*Sigh*

We came back with memories of fresh white mountain air, green willow trees, deep blue skies and the throat warming fragrance of 'Sulemani Chai'...a special concoction to sip in the evenings while discussing the interesting events of the day.

( images by Arch)


Shalini said...

Wow, what fantastic views. It's great to find traditional architecture there when so much is being modernized.

Really enjoying your Leh trip series.

Nandita Iyer said...

very beautiful and a great choice of a place to stay - loved the wrinkles on the owner's face :)
Do you find these places by researching online or recommended by friends? Len Ladakh is indeed worth a visit once in a lifetime if not more - waiting for our turn when Atri is little older

bythewindowsill said...

awesome! cheers!!
and great pics as usual. :-)

saaral said...

Your Blog is simply great. I found it only two days back, and I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your pictures, and the way in which you enjoy everything.


Arch at Rang said...

Shalini~ Thanks:-)

Nandita~ Most of our trips are planned after a detailed online research:-)
You should definitely plan a trip when Atri is older:-)

Bythewindowsill~ Thanks:-)

Saaral~ Thank you:-)

indiainspirit said...

Awesome , the place reminded me of our home town in Doda in Jammu and kashmir.

Gillian said...

You are so fortunate to have seen this place Arch. Your photographs make me want to go there...they beckon me! What a lovely mountain range.

You've captured those blue heavenly skies just perfectly. oxxo

Neeta said...

Hello I've just discovered your blog, while searching for information on Coonoor - it has made my day :-) I'm going to take immense pleasure browsing through your posts and stunning pictures!!! You express beauty, grace, awe, heart, soul, light, play and flow in a way that fills me up with gratitude and love for life, right here, right now, thank you :-)

Arch at Rang said...

Indianspirit~ Thanks:-)

Blue~It was really once-in -a- lifetime experience:-)

Neeta~ Thank you for the kind words:-)

Welcome to 'Rang'!

megha punater said...

gorgeous photos arch, will get there someday