Monday, July 23, 2007

morning after the showers...

* am a morning person, actually I am an early morning person.
* enjoy my morning walks.
* inhale the freshness of the chill morning air.
* see one wet leaf fall silently to the ground.
* feel the raindrops fall on me from the trees, when they sway to the gentle breeze.
* hear buzzing of the bees in the cluster of Frangipani flowers.
* feel the wetness of the grass.
* see the bright colours of the flowers after a night long shower.
* experience the beauty that surrounds us.

Enjoy some pics taken during my morning walk today...Beautiful Frangipani/Plumeria flowers drenched in the rain...
Raindrops on a lily bud.


Anonymous said...

The narration sounds so romantic….

Loved the last two lily Picts – Beautiful!


~Me said...

those lillies are so pretty

vineeta said...

u live among beauty it seems :) lovely colours! fresh.fresh.

Pacchai Milagai said...

as usual you pics are spectacular

nimbupani said...

awesome flowers. Didnt know such beauties existed in b'lore

Arch said...

Kanchan, Panache, vineeta, pacchai- Thanks a lot!

nimbupani- welcome!
I have found such beauty in the kind of flora found in wonder it is 'still' the garden city of India.

mixdbrew said...

Ohhhhh...what is that beautiful flower in the first and second pic.? It looks like a free-flowing, multi-layered skirt. Breathtaking pics. U made me miss blore...all over again.