Monday, July 09, 2007

The early bird gets the worm er...the dosa!

* My husband & I are complete foodies (waiting for mallika to join the club:-)

* I love cooking and my husband loves eating.

* We also love eating out- trying out the various cuisines.

* Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day.

* Every weekend morning we venture out in search of a new breakfast place.

* A typical south indian breakfast would consist of Idli-Vada combination starter, a masala dosa, kesari bath, khara bath, uttapam, set dosa, akki roti, ragi roti, rava dosa...well, now I am getting carried away;-) and then finally washing it down with a piping hot cup of filter kapi or coffee.
There are a whole lot of great breakfast places in Bangalore. Some personal favourites are-

* Sri Krishna Udupi Bhavan, Balepet
* Brindavan Hotel, M.G. Road
* Halli Thindi, Basavangudi
* Bharathi Vidya Bhavan, Gandhi Bazaar
If anyone knows of good breakfast place do let me know:-) Strong Filter Coffee.
Bharathi Vidya Bhavan Dosa made with molten white butter & served with chutney.

Okay Okay...I also love taking pics of my breakfasts :-)


Ecl!5oNz said...

i like ur banner... =D

Arch said...

Ecl!5oNz- Thanks.

~Me said...


have you tried the Brahmins near shankara mutt (behind national college) their idlies are to die for..:)

Veena stores in malleshwaram..

Janata hotel in malleshwaram...

And my all time fav Airlines hotel...though its kinda messy now but i still like the morning spirit there :)

Arch said...

Hey Panache-
Veena Stores is on our to-visit list,
Airlines Hotel used to be good.

Brahmins & Janata that we shd visit...Thanks a ton!!!

shula said...

FABULOUS breakfast.

Breakfast Lovers Unite!

Swarna said...

Hi Archana,

i really like reading your blog.

for a good breakfast you should also try the masala dosa at vidyarthi bhavan in gandhi bazar, samrat near the race course road, central tiffan room (CTR) in malleshwaram.
the adigas in JP nagar is very good for rava idly.
But nothing beats the idly, vada, chutney and kapi in brahmins coffee bar near shankar mutt rd.


Arch said...

Hey Swarna,
Thanks for dropping by and what an interesting list....great now all are weekend mornings are booked.

Thanks a ton!

Genevieve said...

Oohhh....i can just smell everything in that photo. I'm so glad i'm going home (Singapore) in two weeks so i can eat all my Indian food again, washed down with some coffee in those metal cups. Yes!

Arch said...

Genevieve - Thanks for dropping by.

Hope you have loads of south indian breakfast at Singapore and wash it down with hot filter coffee;-)

Latha said...

Hey Archana,
Have you tried Veena Idli stores in Malleswaram? They make awesome idlis and vadas.. and the chutney is so yummy and spicy :-)
Also, Venkateshwara Tiffins in 10th cross in Malleswaram is very good! Their dosas are out of the world!
And if u're into chaats like me you must try Gangotri in High Point - by Hotel Chalukya!