Friday, June 08, 2007

All Saints Church, Bedford, Coonoor.

The minute I reached the old iron gate of All Saints Church, I felt the scene get transformed into sepia-tone and me being taken back a century.

* The sky was a beautiful shade of blue.
* Pine trees seem to frame the church into a memorable picture.
* Tombstones of many young martyrs who served the British army lay scattered around.
* A sense of peace & calm prevailed.
* A solitary bench at the entrance.
* A dog laying at the steps, looked up at us with disinterest and went back to sleep.
* The church caretaker opened the church door and welcomed us inside.
* I stepped in and a strange feeling of serenity & love for the almighty encompassed me.
* The caretaker's son & his friend were placing copies of the holy bible on the prayer benches for the evening.
* How beautiful. How touching. How memorable.

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Unknown said...

The Church has undergone much transformation over since you visited it last; both the interiors and the exteriors have been done up; a must see sanctuary now. Do visit us please. Dr. George Jayaprakash