Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Erin Villa, Coonoor.

I am completely at a loss for words.
Erin Villa is located in Upper Coonoor. Nestled in the lush green tea estates of the Nilgiris.
We entered the place through an old wrought iron gate and were immediately transported to another world. Never in my life have I seen so many colours together in one place. *Sigh*
*Sigh* *Sigh*
We were in ..'our dream'. A dream where...
* Pink bougainvilleas were drooping down to talk to their neighbour the white pansies.
* Lovely butterflies fluttered in the garden.
* Red, Orange & Peach hibiscus framed the doorway.
* Beautiful green benches lined the garden.
* At a distance the clouds were descending on green hills.
* My husband & me also became Mallika, and three kids wandered around the garden in excitement.

Needlecraft in Erin Villa is a place where the very nice lady Naaz sources & sells beautiful lace, embroidery & cross-stich bedspreads, doilies, tablecloths, towels, handkerchiefs and many gorgeous things from convents around the place.
To sum it all we came back with memories filled with colours, flowers & lace...:-))


Anrosh said...

I am falling short of words !!!!

Arch said...

Anrosh- Thanks.
That makes it 2 of us!

Bhaw said...

Awsmme !! u have lovely colorful blog !! Loved the pics and the writeups!

Arch said...

bhaw- Thanks a lot.
I completely enjoyed your blog too :-))

pacchai milagai said...

gorgeous! looks like you had a wonderful holiday

Arch said...

Pacchai Milagai. Yes we did have a fantastic time. Thanks.

~Me said...

omg i need to go there...ill ping u for details.
I loved the idea of flowers, lace and Green :)

Anonymous said...

Erin villa is the most beautiful place in the world. i have been there a few years ago to visit naaz aunty and her family. would love to go back there agian soon.


O said...

I've been here myself. It's simply breathtaking!!! lovely pics!

Guptie said...

Hey I am going to go here. Reminds me of a place I recently stayed at, 'Oland Estate', (, which was breath-taking.