Thursday, May 08, 2008

To stop train, pull chain.

* "Amma, If I pull the chain, the train will stop?" asked Mallika.
* History sure repeats itself, I remember asking my mother the same question when I was little.
* The shape of the red painted metal hasn't changed much over the years and surely the experience of travelling by train hasn't changed either.
* The familiar sound of 'Chaiya- Chai', Garama-Garam Chai'.
* Coolies with their red kurtas haggling with passengers for that extra 10 rupee note.
* Aromas of onion vadas, cutlets, masala dosas, coffee & tea mingling with the cool breeze of the air-contitioned coaches.
* The peeling paints, the typography, the condensation on the windows, the setting sun.
* Screaming babies, lullabying grannies, working-hard-on-the-laptop-techies, walkman or was it ipod listening teenagers and Mallika asking me for the 101th time, "When are we going to reach?" is such an awesome experience;-)
Like they say it's the journey not the destination that matters:-)


Chandan said...

nice the stencil leters... where did you go?

~ ॐ ~ said...

lovely pictures... very nice post :)

I love traveling in trains... they have a pace a certain amount of calmness about them :)

pink dogwood said...

I love how you find beauty and joy in everything.

C.T. said...

You see beauty and pass it on wonderfully.

Jo said...

Hey Arch,

Don't you love the way you can identify the state you are in, simply by the food items being sold?!!! Lovely photos as always:-)


nandita said...

sounds like so much fun...i want to do a train trip soon :)

rupa said...

Oh my ......those lovely note pads on your header....and those in love...deep love....where did you pick them up...they are gorgeous.....
I have been following your blog religiously and its awesome

Arch at Rang said...

chandan, Om, pink dogwood, c.t. jo -Thanks:-)) Glad you liked the post:-)
nandita- You shd soon;-))
rupa- Thanks:-))
Well, I picked these up from a sale organized by Karur Weavers.
Colourful striped cotton fabric which has been mounted on the notebooks:-)

Yoli said...

Oh you take me back. How much I love this post. This is one of the loveliest blogs around.

rantravereflect said...

it defintely is teh journey tat matters, the destination is jus teh byproduct :)

awesome pictures there:)
train journeys are so characteristically indian in flavor :)

soooo where did ya go?

vineeta said...

Love love love this post. Your growth as a photographer has been steady and inspiring. Beautiful pictures. Full of character, just like the trains and the traveller :)

chandamama said...

Had gone quickly to a train journey back to my desk. It was nice to have such flash backs. I enjoy train journeys.
-- sudhakar

Jyotsna said...

I'm obsessed..i swear!

Love your work to the core :)

The Ketchup Girl said...

Arch! this is almost unfair!! To think that the closest i can come to taking a train journey is in the MRT here!! Lovely pictures and they evoke acute nostalgia.

Vemula Madhu said...

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