Thursday, January 22, 2009

Light glorious light!

* I crave light.
* I crave sunlight.
* I am a cheerful person on sunny days.

* I follow light.
* I like geometry, lines & angles.
* Created by sun rays.
* I like light.
* Subdued by blinds.
* Coloured by glass.
* Unstoppable light.

Do you like?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New beginnings~ Chapter-II

A year for fresh ideas, new projects and some revamping.

Rang- The Colours of Life has a new sibling. A new
blog.india & i.
* Let it be... my photoblog, an off-shoot of my 366 days of my everyday life project which was left to be for a while, has taken on a new name & form. rolling in sugar dust... A space for my on-going obsession with food photography.* Mallika ~My Princess, is back in action in the new year with her little drawings.* Cups of hot chai will be served as usual at A Cup of Chai... and do look foward to some exciting posts at Rang Decor.

So bookmark my new projects and I'll see you there:-)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New beginnings...

I love~
* foggy mornings yielding to the lazy sunrays.
* church bells on Sundays
* hot fluffy quilts in the afternoon sun.
* kites flying in the blue skies
* intoxicating fragrance of wild white lilliums that greet me in the living room.
* fluttering of pigeon wings.
* mishti dahi ( sweet yogurt) in earthern pots.
* leftovers from a pre-new year bash.Tried a butterscotch icecream & chocolate cake sandwich for dessert.
Jaipuri blockprint 'Razai' soaking up the afternoon sun
* this, this, this & this.
Would love to~
* read many, many books.
* listen to more classical music.
* bake more. cook more.
* travel more.
* walk more.
* sleep more.
* love more.
* do more.
* blog more;-)
* try this
What would you love to do in the new year? Do share:-)