Monday, September 05, 2011

To the islands...

We travelled in a car, an aeroplane & a ferry all in one day...yes one memorable trip to the Andaman Islands.

Barefoot at Havelock at Beach No.7 was our destination for our summer vacation, you can read about it here on Rang Decor.

We took a two and half hours flight from Chennai to Port Blair most of which was over the aqua blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. From Port Blair, 'Bambooka' our ferry took us to Havelock Islands.
The Port...
Loved the round windows inside the 'Bambooka'...and2
Cerulean Blue waters...anda1
The spray of water on our faces as we stood on the deck enjoying the late afternoon light was what you read in exotic travelogues...anda5
The friendly crew in their orange work clothes...and3
We crossed the 'Makruzz' a super fast ferry coming from Havelock to Port Blair...
The water seem to suddenly change colour from Cerulean to Aqua blue as we approached Havlock.
We were in Havelock Islands!

I need another post to share the beauty of these stunning islands on the Bay of Bengal. So drop by again:-)

(images by Arch)

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