Friday, August 31, 2007

Want some killer pizzas?

Head straight to Hampi...
No kidding.
This place caters to the gastronomic needs of people from all over the world.

I am sure a little spelling mistake won't deter you from trying out some fantastic food or the hair cutting salon for that matter...;-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hampi: Part 1

My head is filled with images of Hampi & my heart hasn't returned from there yet...

Till I assimilate all that we experienced in Hampi during our fantastic holiday with family, here are some colours, patterns, graphics, shapes & textures from the trip.
Pink & Red Kumkum hills...
Lemon & Goli Soda...
Multi-coloured tourist-y T-shirts...
Interesting slippers...Colourful mirror & embroidery embellishments by LambanisRent a gear-less scooter...

Enjoy! Will be back soon...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Food, Photography & Chai...

* No, no..I am not suffering from the after effects of 'Under the Tuscan Sun....
* Sunday cleaning of my book shelf yielded an amazing result.
* Result being a beautiful cook book gifted by my Mother-in-law few years back.
* What was it doing on a bookshelf for few year? Beats me!
* Italy- The Vegetarian Table by Julia Della Croce.
* Photography by Deborah Jones *Swoon*
* Many 'Colours of my life' in one place- Food, Photography, Exotic Destination (This can't be a coincidence?)
* I mean look at this...her rustic styling, attenion to detail, lighting...transports me to an imaginary world which I guess would be Italy, food cooked by Julia Della Croce, photographed by Deborah Jones and me enjoying all this & sipping my hot cup of chai...
Will be away for a couple of days...will see you in a while...
Take care and enjoy your cup of chai...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Under the Tuscan Sun...

This movie might not have done well at the box office, but this is one of the movies I completely enjoyed...(well.I have a reputation of liking movies which are usually not very popular;-)* The backdrop of vineyards in Tuscany.
* Sunflowers & purple grapes.
* A dilapidated villa called 'Bramasole' with peeling paint.
* Single ornate tap in the middle of the house with no water.
* Of new beginnings in a land unknown.

* Blossoming of friendships.
* Giant wrought Iron bed with Mother Mary's image.
* Italian men on Piaggio scooters.
* Huge kitchen with a black-board for the menu(I love!)
* Olive picking in the olive grove.
* Drinking loads of red wine.
* Lines like ..."It's market day in Cortona, the piazza is an on-going party and everyone is invited".

Could it get any better than this...:-)
I watch then*sigh* then watch then *sigh* then watch.....

This weekend I picked another movie called 'A good year'...why?
You guessed it right!
It is set in the vineyards of Provence;-)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The signboards of a hillstation...

We had such a fantastic time during our holiday in the hills in June this year, I am still recovering from the beauty that enveloped us...I have to share with you these very interesting signboards & nameplates that pointed towards the most beautiful British-style estates & houses.
Very interesting names:-)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rajasthan & Bollywood

Something extremely alluring about the sand dunes of Rajasthan and the burst of colours in the form of turbans, lehangas, odhanis(veils) & gorgeous jewellery...I find the women with colourful odhanis very mysterious & enigmatic...
Bollywood has captured these aspects in some of their recent movies like Paheli, Dor & Ekalavya

( images from Eklavya The Royal,,

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Commercial Street for inspiration. Why not?

Commercial Street in Bangalore is a shopper's delight.
But, what I love are the bylanes cutting across Comm St. Here you'll find

* The most amazing colours in dupattas.
* Intricate colourful embroideries on salwar-kameez sets.
* Cut raw guava sold with salt & chilli powder ( slurp!)
* Giggling teeny-boppers checking out the latest street fashion.
* Steaming sweet corn with chat-masala, pepper or plain..take your pick.
* Ladies tailors stitching a salwar-kameez in 1 hour.
* Rows & rows of sticker bindis.
* Mothers shopping with whining children in tow. (Sometimes it is me & Mallika;-))
* Desi sweet & chat shops selling yum dahi puris, golgappas- my fav, doklas, samosas, jalebis....
Intricate Embroidery on Salwars... Street food- Pineapple & cucumber slices with salt & chilli powder...
White Jalebis from Bhagatrams...Colourful beads & sparkly bangles...
Rows of sticker bindis...
Silver on white embroidery...

I come back extremely inspired by Commercial Street...and also broke ;-))

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

of wines & bottles...

Nothing like sipping your favourite red wine with friends on a Saturday evening, over some interesting conversation...My husband loves Red Wine & I indulge occasionally :-) We've tried many Indian wines and Sula -Cabernet Shiraz from Nashik Valley is good. I love the packaging which is very Indian.(Did I mention I collect interesting wine bottles ;-)
Love the Sun graphic on the lid...Ok and then what do you do with empty wine bottles?


Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunday morning & the farmers' market.

* Lazy Sunday Morning.
* The local farmers' market.
* Smell of the earth.
* Burst of colours.
* Shouts of the vendors.
* Bargaining by customers ( like me;-))
* Amazing fruit art.

* Mountains of fresh coriander, mint, spinach.
* Oceans of tomatoes.
* So fresh, they were harvested just few hours before.
* Going to these markets gives me a high, the friendly farmers, the fresh produce of the earth, the bargaining & then getting so inspired by the fresh vegetables that the passionate cook in me decides on a 10-course meal :-)
Oceans of red ripe tomatoes...
Mountains of dried red chillis...Friendly chilli vendor...
Ridge Gourd...
Rows of Beetroot...

Though I didn't cook a 10-course meal...we had a sumptuous lunch made out of fresh vegetables which was grown locally...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rainy Week.

* It's been raining off and on.
* Overcast skies with sun playing peek-a-boo.
* Faith Hill's 'Breathe' has been on replay mode in my car.
* Washed clothes mount on the laundry basket to be folded.* Gave in to sweet cravings mid-week.
* Enjoyed some hot chai & Khaara bun which I picked up from our local Iyengar's Bakery.
* Have been drinking loads of Garam-Chai in my balcony.
* Cleaned up my cupboard, took out truck loads of clothes I haven't worn in a while to be given away.
* Inspired by many interesting blogs -
bloesem's blogger's favourite,
* Here are my fav's from flickr
This weekend I plan to watch some movies, try out some new recipes along with Mallika, sleep & pour over loads of design magazines I picked up yesterday.

Have a great weekend all of you...