Sunday, July 22, 2007

Feel like a queen...

...or a princess in these exquisite clothes by Ritu Kumar.
Ritu Kumar is one of Indian's well-known fashion designers, she is also one of my favourites.
I had posted about her beautiful clothes last year. I just checked on her site today and was completely bowled over by her 'Bridal' Collection.
Ritu Kumar's name is synonymous with traditional Indian designs and revival of ancient textile crafts.
She has a sub brand called 'Label' aimed at the younger customers.
Loved these ads and the graphics :-)

(images from Ritu


Anonymous said...

Ritu Kumar – She is one of the most talented designers around. I absolutely adore her creations.

Loved the Bridal and Label Collection. Both are indigenous and beautiful.

Nice Post!

~ Kanchan

vineeta said...

oh! this is new stuff. the last i checked her site it didn't look like this. i love the way u trawl the net & life & come up with indian design stuff. u are an inspiration :)

Emma said...

Oh, lovely! I will go check out her site.

Arch said...

Kanchan- Thanks a lot:-)

vineeta- Yep, this is new stuff and mind-blowing too. Thanks:-)

emma- Thanks :-) Yes, I think you shd check out her site.

Pacchai Milagai said...

HI arch... I love ritu kumar too...thanks for tis post..

RK Fan said...

Oh my god! Those Ritu Kumar Bridal ads are sooooo beautiful! Can you pleeeeeeease post more pics? I went to the website and had a look (lots of lovely photos), but it's now a flash site and I don't know how to get the pics from there. Please help or post them here?! :)

Anonymous said...

Really wish you would post some of the pics from Ritu's bridal 'campaign' section. They are AWESOME!