Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a page from the past...

clean, clean, clean
tear, tear, tear
throw, throw, throw
was yesterday's agenda.

found a little notebook from the past.
a page from the past when I was a trainee in an advertising agency.
when I scoured huge advertising reference books in my hunger for creative knowledge.
scribbled lines from books for devouring later.
"Don't judge me because I get my hands greasy or wear jeans or work on a certain payroll.
Unless you have the guts to talk to me, you won't ever have a chance to find out what I have to offer.
The reality is we are all different. We are male, female, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, tall, short, single, married, smokers, non-smokers, young, old and infinite list of characteristics, that make us unique.
The common denominator of being human is we all share the experience of being different."

I don't know from which ad campaign or editorial this was taken but this just brought back some beautiful nostalgic memories:-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

A year of mornings....

It's so lovely to finally get my own copy of A Year of Mornings~ 3191 mile apart. A photographic collaboration project between two friends.

I had been following this daily photographic conversation between mav and stephanie and it's great to have it all archived in a book form to cherish.

Now, they have a photoblog called 3191~ A Year of Evenings:-)

For an early morning person like me, this book is sheer magic, especially teamed with a cup of hot chai:-)

It's great to be back. Thanks to all of you for checking on me.
Have a great weekend!