Wednesday, May 19, 2010

snowed-in near Khardung La...

To reach Nubra Valley, Ladakh one has to drive all the way up to Khardung La pass (the highest motorable road in the region) and then slide down to the valley.

When we set out in the morning from Leh, the sun was shining bright and we had clear blue skies, but as we started our climb to Khardung La, we were welcomed by a huge expanse of beautiful white snow-covered brown mountains!

Yes, the excitement on Mallika's face clearly reflected on mine and my husband's too.
After pushing our faces outside the vehicle and enjoying the light cold snow, we were told by our driver that we would have to wait. Wait for what?

Apparently when it snows, the vehicles on the narrow mountain roads take their own time to drive up. Some are prepared for the slippery roads with iron chains draped over the tyres, while others slip, wait, stop, wait and wait...

So while we waited...
We compared notes on our turquoise stone ornaments that we picked up from the Leh market.
( It's tough to identity an original turquoise stone, but there are various varieties for various price ranges so do bargain hard:-)
...and marveled at the fact that how man and nature live so harmoniously in a remote corner of the world.

When nature says stop. Man stops.

Nothing was lost, we moved at a slow pace and finally reached our beautiful destination~Nubra Valley.
The journey was as interesting as the destination;-)


pRiyA said...

I was admiring the snow pictures and then I saw the turquoise ring and forgot everything else. That ring is FABULOUS!!!! Did you get any other jewelery?

Arch at Rang said...

Priya~ LOL! Only the ring and few earrings:-) Will post some pics soon:-)

And here we go again said...

Hello!! Your blog is such a refresher always. I hope your Ladakh trip was fab. Mine might happen this July. keeping my fingers crossed. My husband has been to ladakh already and i drool over that album often. He has the exact same picture of the trees that happen to be your display blog picture. :). And the jewellery is beautiful. are those from Manali? I got a loot from there last time. Ah! those precious things.


Madhu Gopalan said...

Lovely pictures and lovely ring :)

megha punater said...

lovely pics arch, must have been a superb trip
its defi on my list

Shalini said...

What memorable experiences!