Friday, December 01, 2006

Chimanlals' Goodies.

I have posted about Chimanlals wrapping paper before, but these gift boxes and handmade paper cards from Chimanlals are just out of the world. I found them yesterday at Gangarams while scouting around for interesting new year cards.
Love the colours, the traditional designs, the paper, everything!

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Marc Brachet said...

dear arch at rang,

I've found your blog via a Google search regarding the Chimanlals products. I'm french and I, with my wife & daughter, were living in Bangalore last years for 4 months. During this stay my wife used to go to gangaram's shop to buy some handmade paper products... your blog is really nice and give me a new point of view of people from Bangalore !
My wife continue to be interesting about indian paper products and indian design & she'zs looking for someone who can design some product for her, we found a paper producer in bangalore, but not with so nice design than chimanlals one... I come in Bangalore approximately each 2 month, so if you accept, may be we could meet ? Please accept my apologize for my "english" and I hope to meet you in bangalore

best regards
Marc Brachet (