Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Have you ever stood under a Willow tree?

I pass by a huge Willow tree most of the days while driving to do my everyday chores.
There is a Stop sign few yards from the tree, so I look up at this huge tree as I press the brakes.
Long locks of freshly sprouted yellow tree buds hang evenly around the trunk.
Swaying gently as the cool spring breeze caresses the new buds.
Today I felt a deep urge to go stand under the graceful willow.
As everyone around me drove past going about their daily work.
I stood right under it. Looking up at what I imagined to be the heart of the tree.
Yellow ropes enveloping me as they made a light whispering sound.
A sense of deep happiness. A sense of calm.
Just savouring the moment.

I finish my moment and walk back into my car with bright yellow hues in my pupils.

~ Arch