Thursday, April 29, 2010

Memories of the sands & the desert...

Before we head out for our summer vacation let me quickly post about our last destination during our winter break to Rajasthan.

After Mandawa in Shekawati and Gajner Palace in Bikaner, we reached our final destination Jaisalmer.

We decided on a very simple accommodation called Garh Jaisal which is actually a small haveli in the Fort converted into a hotel. What drew us to this place was that we were literally perched on the Jaisalmer fort and our room had a view to die for!
We could see the whole sand coloured Jaisalmer city from our room!

The sleepy city at dawn:-)

The major highlight of Garh Jaisal was the amazing hospitality of the owners and the superb rooftop terraces, where you can just sit, soak up the winter sun while watching the friendly pigeons, or drink loads of hot ginger chai while enjoying the view of the city or do absolutely nothing!

Hope you all have a great summer vacation:-) Will see you soon!

(images by Arch)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

days gone by...

A visual essay of moments captured to be enjoyed, to be cherished and to be stored in that lovely corner of my heart called April of 2010:-)
beautiful skyscapes...
rain drenched balcony plants...
enjoying the rain...
Mr Bean...
loads of curd rice with Aeroplane brand lemon pickle:-)
roads are are the pavements

after the rains
touching the touch-me-not
gulmohar flowers are blooming

Thursday, April 15, 2010

shiny nail paints and happy days...

Summer vacations is the time to

~ splash around in the swimming pool.
~ tanning in the sun.
~ sip tall glasses of fresh fruit juices.
~ open the refrigerator door again and again till you hear the mother scream in the background.
~ paint shiny nail paints on little tips & toes.
~ short hair cuts.
~ devour cool custards and strawberry jellies.
~ read loads of magical books.
~ spend hours lazing around doing nothing.
~ keep the windows wide open.
~ watch the busy mynas build their nest.
~ water-melons, musk melons.
~ wink after eating fresh raw mangoes with salt and chilli powder.
~ drink rooh afza! ( I love it in cold milk)

also a time for a break from the internet:-)

Will see you later. Have a great summer.

( My daughter, my model;-)

Monday, April 05, 2010

what we've been reading...

A friend of mine suggested Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece for my daughter. It is a simple work but beautifully profound:-)
Recently we have been hooked on to Roald Dahl's children books. He is so charmingly disgusting;-) We love him.
...and not to forget the amazing Enid Blyton's The Magic Faraway Tree.

I am guessing during the summer holidays I would be reading more of children's books:-)