Monday, July 09, 2007

My Top 3 list!

Was over at deborah's blog and came across happysilly's top 3 list.

Here is my top 3-

* the fragrance of medimix herbal soap (I completely love it!)
* the frogs croaking down at the neighbour's garden.
* this drawing by my daughter.

( When I asked, 'What is this Mallika? She said, 'Kissing Birdies Amma' as a matter-of- fact.
I think the expression is adorable)

What is your Top 3 List?


~Me said...

cute :)

Emma said...

That is adorable. :)

Arch said...

Panache, emma
Thanks :-)

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Way too cute, I love your list, and I love how Mallika's drawing shows the birds with their eyes closed. How sweet!

sara said...

how sweet!

Arch said...

blue, sara- Thanks a lot:-))

Gata púrpura/Nathalia silva said...

This is adorable Ü!
I love your blog Archana, is wonderful!!!
Thanks for sharing a lot of beauty.

Divya said...

May i say, we share the same list here!!
Hooked on to your writings, im finding myself in most of the posts!! glad that i found your blog.. thanks for sharing!!