Thursday, April 29, 2010

Memories of the sands & the desert...

Before we head out for our summer vacation let me quickly post about our last destination during our winter break to Rajasthan.

After Mandawa in Shekawati and Gajner Palace in Bikaner, we reached our final destination Jaisalmer.

We decided on a very simple accommodation called Garh Jaisal which is actually a small haveli in the Fort converted into a hotel. What drew us to this place was that we were literally perched on the Jaisalmer fort and our room had a view to die for!
We could see the whole sand coloured Jaisalmer city from our room!

The sleepy city at dawn:-)

The major highlight of Garh Jaisal was the amazing hospitality of the owners and the superb rooftop terraces, where you can just sit, soak up the winter sun while watching the friendly pigeons, or drink loads of hot ginger chai while enjoying the view of the city or do absolutely nothing!

Hope you all have a great summer vacation:-) Will see you soon!

(images by Arch)


kajal said...

Hey Arch,we went to Jaisalmer this Feb and stayed in the same place... even the sit out was the same :) memories!!

Arch at Rang said...

Kajal~ How cool:-)

Hope you had a great time...we sure did:-)

Anonymous said...

Love how there are seats that are incorporated into the balcony ledge!

Shyla said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous images. Rajasthan is my favorite place in all of India. Thanks for sharing.