Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Holidays...

I am taking a 'Winter Break'
...will be doing some travelling, meeting family & friends, shopping, eating, sleeping and taking loads of pictures:-)

Meanwhile have updated all my blogs, look around:-) and before you go do
join me for a cup of earl grey in my balcony...Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fly away into the open sky, my little one...

* Yesterday a mother's heart overflowed with pride.
* A loving smile appeared on the face of a father who had waited patiently for the sight of 'his beauty'.
* Hands burned from clapping constantly through the 3 mins.
* Sixty days of dropping & picking ups vanished into a blink of a tear-filled eye.
* A little one whose hand you held to help take her first step, today danced her heart out infront of hundreds.
* The sparkly outfit that I mocked at looked like celestial stars that made her glow.
* Suddenly I realised my little princess wasn't liitle anymore and the world was her stage.
* I am sure all the mothers and fathers too, sitting in the audience echoed my feelings.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


that time of the year when
* tabebuia blossoms paint the earth as well as the skies pink.
* sparkly stars descend on the balconies.
* the sun decides to go to bed early.
* hot, thick comforting soups are simmered.
* my home gets dressed in shades of red & green.
* the mind wanders in multiple directions trying to decide on what to bake.
* melodious voices of carol singers add excitement to a quiet winter's night.
* colourful arts & crafts fair are organised in the city.
Here are some amazing colours from
Kala Madhyam Folk Mela organised by Madhyam in Chitra kala Parishad ( Art College)Blue Pottery from RajasthanCeramic mugs from KhurjaBastar Metal ArtTraditional Kerala Painting
Blue Pottery Ceramic Tiles
Enamel work Meenakari earrings in various colours.