Thursday, August 14, 2008

Megha barso...

* monsoons here in India is a dream, a memory, a fragrance, a taste...
* paper boats sail away in narrow flowing streams.
* shubha mudgals voice singing 'Seeko Na' gets stronger in my ears.
* the heart yearns for classical music and out comes all the raagas from cds and cassettes ( do people still listen in that format?)
* hot onion pakoras are fried.
* colourful umbrellas pop-up everywhere.
* slushy puddles.
* flowers enjoy their daily showers and trees sway to the gentle breeze.
* the smell of corn being roasted on charcoal.
* getting drenched to the bones
* cups and cups of Ginger chai...
* sleeping to the sound of the steady rain in the night.
Enjoy this moment. Enjoy the Monsoons. Enjoy your weekend.
* Megha Barso...Clouds, rain down:-)