Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Beulah Farm - A Sweet Memory.

We had heard about homemade fruit wines made in a place called 'Beulah Farm'...so one day while we were holidaying in Kurumba Village, we decided to explore the hills and drove down to Kotagiri.'We saw a narrow turquoise blue iron gate with Beulah Farm written on it. As we rang the bell, a lady came and welcomed us inside.

* An elderly gentleman was feeding beautiful white pigeons.

* Exotic looking flowers & plants lined the place.
* The windows & doors were painted in lovely turquoise blue colour.
* Yellow marigolds on planters near the windows. We introduced ourselves & he welcomed us inside his cute little cottage.* Then came a tray filled with bowls of homemade jams- Rhubarb, Pepino
* Yummy delicious jams & preserves.
* Homemade fruit wines or nectar as he calls them- dry rose, plum, pears, fig, strawberry, mulberry, peach and list goes on.
* A small tour of his lovely herb garden & small sprigs of the herbs were given to us while he explained the various species of herbs...fennel, lemongrass, basil, chives, oregano, lemon balm, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint (phew!)
* All the jams & wines are from his garden..he showed us his fig tree, pear, kiwi...
* Apart from that we entered a rose garden with amazing roses, black rose, green rose...
* Felt transported to a Neverland. Amazing.
Mr Eapen Jacob- an octogenarian, engineer turned agriculturist( says his card!)Fan-tailed pigeons.
Exotic Black Rose at Beulah Farm.
The delicious Strawberry Preserve we picked up at Beulah Farm.


~Me said...

omg mouth watering pictures arch :) Lovely i need to make a quick trip

Anita said...

nice photographs and write-up! they day we went, he had run out of strawberry preserves and now we know who bought it all ;) mr jacob was a really interesting person, i must say! we did land up buying quite a few of his wines!

Arch said...

Panache- Thanks.
You should, it's lovely.

Anita- Thanks for dropping by.
Yes, it was a fantastic trip...!
My favourite is the Plum Wine. :-)

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Beautiful blue exterior...contrasts so well with the yellow flowers!
And that strawberry jam looks perfect, now I am craving it with a hot cup of tea!!!
Great pictures Arch...!

Arch said...

blue the spa girl- Thanks for the lovely comments.

kickpleat said...

wow, that farm is simply beautiful. too cute!

Arch said...

kickpleat- Thanks...Beulah farm was really beautiful!
Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that Mr. Eapen Jacob is no more. He passed away on 03/02/08. His sucessors have decided to sell Beulah Farm to anybody who is intrested.

For further details contact George Eapen (son) at georgeaps@gmail.com, or 91-94421-38380-mobile.

Nandita said...

I was thinking once I move to Bglr I will surely visit this farm and Mr.Eapan...so sad to read the previous comment...I wish whoever buys this place, has the passion to maintain it just like it was.

Anonymous said...

hi please send the address and phone no if u have to santhosweety@gmail.com

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