Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beauty in available light...

It's been grey and rainy.
It's spring here.
I want sunshine.
..but I decide to shoot with whatever light diffuses through my windows.
My subject. Flora at home. Some succulents.

Surprised at the results…

Note to self~ Try something new everyday.

( Images by Arch)

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Whiteness of white | Stillness of mind.

I recently got on instagram.
Where I can share moments in the form of visuals instantly.
No fuss. No downloading from the camera.
Just click on your phone and click to upload.
It's a lot of fun.

Strangely when I want to slow down. Reflect. Muse. Take a step back.
I always seem to find comfort in the pace of writing a post on my dear blog which has been sitting silently like the rose bush under all the white snow that has been layering it for the last few months.
Time has come for it to sprout.
…and so has the time for revival.

When one lives in a place where winters take up most of the time in a year.
It takes a slight shift in thinking, working, living.
This spring I complete a whole year of being consumed by a passion called pottery.
It has been my creative anchor during all the snow storms and polar vortexes that we experienced this winter.

Here is a tribute to all the whites we have been seeing in the last few months and an interesting Podcast about Seeking Stillness and Silence in the Rush of Business Life by Pico Iyer.

Spring is finally here after a fierce battle with winter and I hope to share loads of colours in various forms:-)
Stay tuned. Hope to spend more time here.
If you do want to see some instant visuals from me, do check out my Instagram profile here
Have a great weekend!
( Images by Arch)