Friday, September 21, 2007


One hour maybe is not working, but two hours is definitely working:-) * My creative juices have been flowing, thanks to the internet cut down time.(See this;-)
* Been taking loads of yummy food pictures.
* Finger-painting with Mallika, though I seem to enjoy it more than her.
* Reading The Kite Runner & One Hundred Years of Solitude simultaneously.
* Eating bourbons and drinking spiced apple cider.
* Toast with roasted garlic and olive oil (I love the taste & aroma of roasted garlic)
* Cleaning my cupboard, strangely clears the cobwebs in my mind:-)
* Waiting for Indian Idol finale.
* I wake up with the voice of KK singing 'Ajab Si' echoing in my head.
* Enjoying the changing season, a nip in the air and warm blanket around me.
Happy Weekend!


all*over*print said...

i love the updated header
bold and bright well done !!

Bhavna said...

Both books are excellent choices! :-)

And Indian Idol is the only program on TV that I follow...who are you rooting for? :-)

shuma.rani said...

happy weekend to you too...

zobars said...

I loved the previous one too but this one is also nice. Hope you have a good one too.

Maddie said...

I love the nip in the air
as well! :)

Half the delight of visiting you
Arch is seeing your new banners -

have a wonderful weekend:)

Arch said...

all over print - thanks:-)

bhavna-Thanks:-) Amit Paul all the way:-)

shuma- Thanks, hope you have a great weekend too:-)

zobars- You said it...I missed my splash of colour logo so has returned;-)

maddie- Thanks:-) You are amazing:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey loved the Header! Awesome!

Also gr8 tat you are in tune with your creative juices!

Yes the books are gr8, after Kite runner read Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author..again a gud read and awesome book i jus finished reading it sometime back.

gr8 going girl!!!


shula said...

And the green plate.

Don't forget the green plate.

I love that thing.

vineeta said...

Superb! more power to you!
1. loved yr new header.
2. really liked the 'Im admiring' autumn ceramic leaf.
3. clearing cupboards works similarly for me :)
4. u'r using yr time really well :) So thump yrself on yr back
5. don't know when i will get time to sit down & read fiction- that's a real luxury.
6. A little space in the head works wonders for the creative juices :) wish u more & more of it!

~Me said...

I love the nip in the air...
I love it when tip of my nose is cold :)
I like that song ajabsi
And i also love visiting your blog too :))
it refreshes me :))


Mango Power Girl said...

i've been dying to get these since i saw this post & i just found them ;) i feel like a little girl back in india as they were my favorite biscuits growing up!

truedreamzz said...

to tell you the truth, I'm not much of reader... maybe too lazy... :)

well, I wanted to tell you the first picture is too cool... is that your hand writing? :)