Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ganesh Chathurti celebrations at home...

Ganesha Chathurti has to be one of my favourite festivals.

* A festival where the whole family comes together to celebrate 'Ganesha' -the elephant god, the remover of
* The day when my husband gets fresh clay and let's his creativity flow to create a beautiful idol of Ganesha.
* Mallika's grandparents come down to be part of the festivity and give their blessings.
* Morning begins with the vedic chantings.
* Auspicious-ness is in the air.
* Everyone works with festive enthusiasm.
* Mango leaves are strung at the entrance of the house.
* Colours from various flowers fill up the home.
* The aroma of saffron & cardamon permeates from the kitchen.
* Ganeshas from my collection come out to be part of the get-together.
* The colour & fragrance of sandalwood paste & kumkum has not left my fingers.
* All the family members contribute towards the preparation of the menu.
* Modaks, Ganesha's favourite is prepared by the skilled hands of my mother.
* Mallika's creativity overflows in the form of a mouse idol.
( the vehicle of ganesha)
Family prays to Lord Ganesha to remove all the obstacles and ensure happiness & peace in life.
* Satisfying of the senses with the colours of the flowers, the melodious voice of
Shubha Mudgal singing Mangalswara, the aroma of melting jaggery & eating the sumptuous lunch consisting of 8 to 10 different dishes...

Now you know why this festival is so special:-)

Happy Ganesh Chathurti to all of you and hope the Lord removes all your obstacles and fills your life with happiness!
Ganesha idol on a bed of beetle leaves ready for the pooja.Fruits & flowers for the Lord
My husband's eco-friendly handmade Ganesha
My Ganesha collectionCoconut and jaggery stuffing for the modaks


Maddie said...

I loved reading about your
celebrations for Ganesha
Chathurti - the pictures were
lovely and I could smell the
aroma from your home all the way

I particularly loved visualizing
the mango leaves.

Have a beautiful day:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Well we have similar Kinda celebration but never thought it would sound so inviting!

Awesome Post Archana!

Best Wishes

Bhavna said...

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Arch! :)

Vinita said...

Ganesh Chathruti is my favorite day too. As I am originally from Pune we miss that a lot where it is celebrated for 10 days. Your Ganesha idol collection is awesome.. and your husband can make one himself .. what an artist.


gyanendranath shukla said...

Happy Ganesh festival & Vishwakarma Jayanti to U & UR family . Lord GANESHA made by UR husband is beyond comparison .Let GANESHA BLESS us all .

vineeta said...

Awesome! Festivals are really special! Whats best is the laughter & catching up in the midst of all the work. How many days is your ganesha at home before visarjan?

Sarah said...

I am loving your blog. All the colours in your photos bring lots of happy memories back to me of my brief but extremely exhilerating time in India. And they are also just generally are very inspiring.

Autumn is coming here in the UK, so I'll be checking back for more colour and mood-enhancing images very soon :) I can almost feel the sunshine coming through the screen at times.

On another note, I have been tagged. My apologies if you have already been tagged, but thought you would have 8 very interesting things to say about yourself, if you haven't already done it :)

Come visit for the rules (that's part of the rules I'm afraid).

Latha said...

Looks like you had a wonderful celebration Arch! Loved reading about the way u guys celebrate. Felt nostalgic all the same :-)
Since the festival fell on the weekend this time, it worked great! We got to celebrate some at home and our temple here had a grand celebration. Taught my kids some ganapati slokams and told them some childhood stories :-)
Love all your pictures! U're husband is indeed very creative. Love ganesha's makeshift crown :-)
And the modaks look inviting.. any leftovers? :-)

LADY LUXIE said...

What fuuun!!...And your collection is lovely....specially the one your hubby made :>

ShopGirl said...

Hello Archana,
I just came across your blog and I must say I was fascinated by your lovely decor ideas and your photographs. Just brings to mind the festive spirit and it feels as though you can touch, see and witness it through your eyes. I loved several things that you have photographed in your home and would reallly appreciate it if you could share some of the sources of the decor you have.
For eg.,
Where did you pick up the following
A) The baby krishna statue you have on the brass thali - I loved the features and have been looking for a similar one for my puja room
B)In your Ganesh Chathurthi pix, you have vermillion in a lovely pitted container. Where is it available?
C)You have displayed vermillion, chandan etc in a container with different circles. I'm guessing it is stone. Where would I be able to find it?
and lastly
D) In your Diwali pix, I loved the way you have done the Rangoli. Please help me here, I'm a novice at Rangoli and would love to learn how you did it? Is that paint you used or Rangoli powder with water? Was that done with a brush?

I'm trying to add a touch of ethnicity to my home and would love it if you could share the above with me.

I've bookmarked your page and will definitely be visiting it soon. Please email me at

Agai, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

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