Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy Happy...

Simple things in life...

* The fresh faces of the chrysanthemum make my heart glow.
* A bright sunny day with clear skies, dotted with fluffy clouds.
* Chirping of the little birds on the trees.
* Squirrels running up and down the coconut trees.
* Aroma of freshly brewed coffee from my neighbours house.
* Squeals of laughter of children playing far away.
* Roar of the traffic at a distance with an occasional loud horn of the autorickshaw.
* A jasmine bud blossoming into a fragrant flower.
* The smell of dry eucalyptus leaves being burnt at the street corner.
* Fuzon singing my favourite raaga 'Khamaj'
* Seasonal fruit 'Sitaphal' ( Custard Apple) bursting with sweetness to be devoured.
* Mallika's 'Happy' on the slate makes me very happy.

Hope happiness fills your lives too.

Happy Weekend Everyone:-)


zobars said...

Did I already say I love your blog !! Because I do. You make my day everytime I read your blogpost. Thanks for being such a good blogger. Hope yours is a wonderful weekend too.

Arch said...

zobars- Thanks:-) I really appreciate it:-)

Maddie said...

For some reason I really loved
it when you listed
the aroma of coffee drifting
over from your neighbor's house

just sounded so connected
and aware -

and jasmine - my fave perfume -
(essential oil) that I wear -

your post had an array of lovely
scents! and Malika's

happy happy made me
happy too:)

LADY LUXIE said...

HAve a happy start of the week as well!

Thank you for the sweet comment in my bloggy' :>

ashima said...

I love to visit your blog.It's very soothing, freshning and ofcourse colourful. There is something very lively down to earth approach, which gives you a feeling that you are not seeing beautiful eye catching photos of inanimate things.The feeling that can not be expressed in words. Thanks for making my Subheh so beautiful.

vineeta said...

I love fuzons music. especially khamaj. Happy to know u love it too.

adi said...

subah se tumhare hi blog pe tha, aur phir tumhari comment dekhi apne yahan :)

i love happy, sunny sunflowers more than anything
yes for 'its a bright bright sunshiny day'
birdies, always welcome
love squirrels
aroma of tea prepared by my father
squeals of laughter, peel away my blues...
love to go the traffic go by :)
jasmine flowers look and smell the most beautiful at night
dry eucalyptus, ummmm, havent had this experience yet...
khmaj, yes, that was sent to me by my love a few days back, and yes it is more than good :)
sitaphal, i don't like :) m not a sabji eater waise bhi :)
and yes, little mallika's 'happy' makes me full of life gain

thanks a ton for this beautiful post archana
have scrolled down and read all the posts, and waiting for more of these

pls do keep updating, ur posts are like balm to tired souls :)

god bless