Friday, September 28, 2007

My Princess turns 5...

* Today I look at her and my mind goes into a flashback.
* All huddled up in a hospital blanket as pink as a rose.
* Sucking all her fingers and then settling for her thumb.
* I can't take my eyes off her when she sleeps her little sleep and that is so true even today.
* The day she took her tiny first steps, it was like I was learning to walk.
* The many firsts...will always be the best memories in my mind.
* Yesterday I baked an apple cake in a hurry for her and it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to and I was very upset...she came upto me and said, 'Amma it is alright. It smells good and it tastes great only thing is it doesn't look like a cake' I saw the look in her face...she was trying to make me feel better.
* I thank God for a miracle called Mallika.
* What would life be without daughters!

For all the daughters and for all the mothers with amazing daughters.
This is to you all!
I finally managed to bake another cake and Mallika decorated it:-)

Enjoy the cake while we take off for the weekend...see you all soon:-)


Vinita said...

Happy Birthday Mallika.. Vinita

Anonymous said...

I am Touched, Moved, basically speechless!

Hey girl, you are one lucky queen :-) Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!

And I agree with you Mallika, Smell & Taste is all tat matters, we all can see the yummy cake but can’t taste it :-(

God Bless!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday to Mallika..
words of wisdom indeed!

I am new here and I cant take my eyes off these lovely pictures. Great work! :) Enjoy your weekend and looking forward to the pictures!


Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Birthday Mallika and god bless you.

Looks does not matter, its the taste and love that really counts.


zobars said...

Its the feeling that counts and you put your heart into the cake. I am sure Mallika knew that. Happy birthday to Mallika.

Maddie said...

Happy birthday to your little one
and daughters are a blessing:)

I remember all the first as well -
and for some reason your story of
Mallika and the cake was incredibly
touching to me:)

all*over*print said...

happy birthday Mallika

N said...

Happy B'day, lil M. Youre both lucky to have one another :)

And after seeing that yumlicious cake, I'm HUNGRY!!!

vineeta said...

:) My mom has 2 daughters & I couldn't agree with you more- daughters and moms will always share a special bond :)

LADY LUXIE said...

A belated Happy Birthday to the Princess!!!

My son just had his last September 27..He turned 18...:>

Bhavna said...

Belated Happy Bday Mallika!! :-)

Janette said...

You brought tears to my eyes..what a lucky little girl she is to have a mother that loves her so much and how luck you are to have such an adorable daughter..Happy Birthday to you both!

~Me said...

awww, i had tears in my eyes when i read this post..Beautiful..:)
All the best to mallika and you are a lovely mom:)

Charlotte said...

yes - hurrah for beautiful daughters. we are blessed

Happy birthday Mallika


~ | | OM | | ~ said...

I am very happy to read this post..

very emotional !!! very touching !!!

God bless !!!

adi said...

hey mallika, wishing u a very chocolaty, strawberrish, candy colored birthday
as usual, the post is good and the tender colors (rang) that emerge from these words are even more beautiful than all the photographs u ever put here :)

Arch said...

Thanks a lot each and everyone for the lovely words, wishes and blessing!

I really really appreciate it:-)))

ranjini said...

tt's a very sweet post.. i cant wait to have my own child and experience all that u mentioned..
And Happy Belated Birthday to your Mallika.. God bless you.