Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A note from my friend in Israel!

I received this beautiful card from Ayelet Iontef in the email today and had to share it with all of you:-) It's New Year in Israel today! Happy New Year Ayelet!

Ayelet Iontef has a beautiful blog called all*over*print. Do check it out.


Maddie said...

I just love that pretty print
with the sweet birds!

and this was quite timely as
I am working on a journal page
of kindred spirits
so I shall pattern some birds for
each of them - and mine will be

I am happy you have such a warmhearted and delightful

all*over*print said...

thanks a lot for the mention !

designflute said...

This is indeed a cute card!

Kalpana said...

helloo....u r a genius...wat an awesum photography......I am a big fan of yours from now on.....