Friday, August 03, 2007

Rainy Week.

* It's been raining off and on.
* Overcast skies with sun playing peek-a-boo.
* Faith Hill's 'Breathe' has been on replay mode in my car.
* Washed clothes mount on the laundry basket to be folded.* Gave in to sweet cravings mid-week.
* Enjoyed some hot chai & Khaara bun which I picked up from our local Iyengar's Bakery.
* Have been drinking loads of Garam-Chai in my balcony.
* Cleaned up my cupboard, took out truck loads of clothes I haven't worn in a while to be given away.
* Inspired by many interesting blogs -
bloesem's blogger's favourite,
* Here are my fav's from flickr
This weekend I plan to watch some movies, try out some new recipes along with Mallika, sleep & pour over loads of design magazines I picked up yesterday.

Have a great weekend all of you...


simply olive said...

i saw your comment on grijs, and thought i'd drop by.
great pics!

Arch said...

Simply Olive- Thanks :-)
Do drop by often.

Vinita said...

Hi Arch,
Whenever I read your blog it brings about a sense of calmness. You seem to lead a very well balanced and nurturing life. Very serene and soothing to the soul.

Blue said...

What a great idea.
Love your flickr favourites too.
Enjoy and relax!

shula said...

Forgive me for sounding stupid,

but WHAT is an Iyengar Bakery?

Arch said...

vinita- That's very kind..Thanks :-)

Blue- Thanks :-))

shula- Iyengar Bakeries are old-time bakeries in Bangalore where Dilpasand ( Coconut & fruit filled sweet, Cream Buns & Khaara( Masala) Buns are very popular.

You can read more about them here

zobars said...

Hi Archana, I love all your posts so much. Anyways I tried to email you but it didn't work so posted my email address on my blog in case you want to get in touch with me. Take care e and hope you had a good weekend with Mallika. Let us know what did you try out (in cooking) !!!!!!!!!

Latha said...

Hey Archana,
I've admired your pictures for a long time now! Love all the colors and u're classic sense of decor. I'm an avid bangalore metro blogs fan! Start my day, everyday with reading metro blogs!
Been away form bangalore too long, waiting to move back...
Your pictures of everyday bangalore life, and food keep me going.
Good luck and cheers