Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Commercial Street for inspiration. Why not?

Commercial Street in Bangalore is a shopper's delight.
But, what I love are the bylanes cutting across Comm St. Here you'll find

* The most amazing colours in dupattas.
* Intricate colourful embroideries on salwar-kameez sets.
* Cut raw guava sold with salt & chilli powder ( slurp!)
* Giggling teeny-boppers checking out the latest street fashion.
* Steaming sweet corn with chat-masala, pepper or plain..take your pick.
* Ladies tailors stitching a salwar-kameez in 1 hour.
* Rows & rows of sticker bindis.
* Mothers shopping with whining children in tow. (Sometimes it is me & Mallika;-))
* Desi sweet & chat shops selling yum dahi puris, golgappas- my fav, doklas, samosas, jalebis....
Intricate Embroidery on Salwars... Street food- Pineapple & cucumber slices with salt & chilli powder...
White Jalebis from Bhagatrams...Colourful beads & sparkly bangles...
Rows of sticker bindis...
Silver on white embroidery...

I come back extremely inspired by Commercial Street...and also broke ;-))


vineeta said...

Street shopping is the best! Reminds me of Linking Rd in Bandra & Fashion Street. Must go. Havent done this in a long time..

Vinita said...

Great Post..After seeing all the pics it did take me down the memory lane.. I havent done this in a long time.. But one genuine question.. when you see all this on a regular basis does it still inspire you to go and shop??

Pacchai Milagai said...

I love comercial street.... been so long since i went.... lovely post. love Sweet Chariot's black forest cake...

mjey said...

It's been 8years since I stepped in Commercial Street..I loved the shopping then - it was during ramadhan and mostly all things were on sale! I am planning a visit this year if possible.

Maddie said...

I am so delighted with this
lovely post - meandering
along shopping with you:)

the silvered on white
embroidery captivated me:

I will be in India in
December and january and will
look out for this:)

you have a "beautiful" eye -


~Me said...

Awesome...i love commercial street..:)

zobars said...

I have been to Bangalore but only for two days and I was younger then and I just look at these snaps and I want to be there and be among those clothes and bindis and churis. I miss my des so so much.

Arch said...

vineeta- My visit to Comm St. was after a long time...and was fun :-)

vinita- Yes, you are right...on a regular basis maybe not...but if you do it in abt a get see new interesting things:-))

pacchai- Sweet Chariot is so popular with mothers for the birthday cakes...every birthday you'll find a Sweet Chariot cake ;-))(including Mallika's)

mjey- Wow..8 years! I think next time you must visit...there some sale or the other always on :-))

maddie- Thanks:-) Get huge
suitcases when you come ;-)

panache- Me too:-)

zobars- Don't worry I'll keep posting and you can feel at home looking at them..:-))

adi said...

when i see all these things, whether going through a market ot in photographs or in movies, all i think of is, how beautiful she'll look in these... :)

Latha said...

OH my Archana! Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I am so nostalgic after seeign those pictures. But also grateful that u wonderful bloggers help us stay close to things familiar!
Looks like u had fun at Comm St. Wish i were there!

charlotte said...

oh I want to go!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to go there soon...
U pls keep on updating us like this.
It was a great work indeed.