Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunday morning & the farmers' market.

* Lazy Sunday Morning.
* The local farmers' market.
* Smell of the earth.
* Burst of colours.
* Shouts of the vendors.
* Bargaining by customers ( like me;-))
* Amazing fruit art.

* Mountains of fresh coriander, mint, spinach.
* Oceans of tomatoes.
* So fresh, they were harvested just few hours before.
* Going to these markets gives me a high, the friendly farmers, the fresh produce of the earth, the bargaining & then getting so inspired by the fresh vegetables that the passionate cook in me decides on a 10-course meal :-)
Oceans of red ripe tomatoes...
Mountains of dried red chillis...Friendly chilli vendor...
Ridge Gourd...
Rows of Beetroot...

Though I didn't cook a 10-course meal...we had a sumptuous lunch made out of fresh vegetables which was grown locally...


Latha said...

Hey Archana,
I was so excited to see that you visited my blog! I am so hooked to your blogs, pictures etc. I've spent a good amount of today looking at all your pics on flickr and u're blogs. I was so inspired by u're home pics that i got working on couple of home projects that i have been postponing! Even scrubbed my bathrooms and floors clean..thanks to you!
I have so many questions for u about home decor and life in India.. could i write to u by email??? If its ok please write to me at masalamagic(dot)latha(at)gmail(dot)com.

Chitra said...

Hey Archana, nice pics. :)

I have tagged you -

Vinita said...

wowow...locally grown fresh veggies truly inspiring. so much better than buying them from a grocery store where they have just come out of the cold storage and flown in from somewhere else.
WHat did you cook?? Do you buy veggies to last you the whole week or do you buy it fresh every day??

Arch said...

latha- you have a great blog..very interesting:-)

chitra- Thanks :-)
Just recovering from being tagged-on Rang Decor;-)
Will get cracking in a couple of days:-)

vinita- Thanks...fresh veggies anyday and though I would love to buy fresh vegetables everyday...but it's more convenient to buy fresh & stock up for the week ;-)

Pacchai Milagai said...

rows of beetroot look so pretty and so do the heaps of red chillies.. nice post.

Anonymous said...

pics r really fine and theme is really xcelent keep it up keep posting new pics...........

karun said...

pics r gud really fine keep it up......karun

payal said...

Hi Archana It's truly inspiring to read your blog and all the vibrant pictures.. u really bring the beauty out..i especially loved your house pics i am a great fan of INDIAN INTERIORS that kind of warmth is so beautiful. great work!!
I also wanted to know where did you get all the fabrics for your house is it in Banglore. Please let me know thanks much