Monday, June 11, 2007

~ A new found hobby~

Marble Cake- Inspiration ( Martha Stewart Recipes)

Chocolate Chip Cookies- Inspiration ( Flickr!!!)
Year: Early 1980s
As far as I can recall our refrigerator used to be stocked with eggs, butter, McCormicks food colours, silver balls, multicoloured decorations and bottles of vanilla essence and the store room filled with baking dishes, moulds, cookie sheets, weighing scales et al.

The reason:
My mother is a fantastic cook and baking her passion.
The cakes for my birthdays were always baked by her and what cakes- digit cakes, chocolate cakes, yule logs, marble cakes, jam rolls, layer cakes with mouth-watering icings & decorations.

Strangely I didn't show that kind of passion for baking while I was growing up. But, I am sure my mother would be happy to see that I have developed a new hobby - Baking!


~Me said...

mmmm mouth watering pictures :)

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Fantastic!! I am inspired!
Your comments are appreciated Archana, and I will definately be back to your blog. Your home profile on decor8 is wonderful!! xo