Thursday, June 28, 2007

Glistening leaves...

* Monsoons are officially here.
* Lovely downpour today afternoon.
* My balcony was a great place to be.
* Water droplets were having a race down each fern leaf.
* The potted plants were happy to have a great shower.
* Trees danced to the tune of the wind.
* Earth quenched it's thirst.
* The fragrance of wet mud was intoxicating to the senses.
* So is the ginger tea boiling on my stove.

Enjoy the pictures while I enjoy my Ginger Tea :-)


~Me said...

Lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely…N’Joyed your Post!!!

Pacchai Milagai said...

you take the best pics.. love your new banner. Vinca rosea such a pretty flower..

Pacchai Milagai said...

oh by the way love bangalore in the monsoons.. i spent many summers during that time of the year when I was young and we used to get Kaara bun and Masala Bread from Iyengar Bakery and have it with hot ginger tea. Awesome!

Arch said...

Anon -Thanks..glad you liked the post.

Pacchai- I love the Masala Bread from Iyengar I am craving it:-)

Anrosh said...

Rain Rain go away
Come again another day
Little johnny wants to play -:)