Friday, June 22, 2007

Listening to the rhythm of the falling rain...

I am a summer person, I like clear blue skies & bright sunlight.
There is something about~

* The cloudy skies.

* Raindrops on green leaves.
* Eating hot charcoal-roasted corn smeared with lemon & salt.
* School children in colourful raincoats waiting for their school buses.
* Jumping into muddy puddles.
* Making paper boats & sailing them off in small streams of rainwater.
* Having hot onion pakoras with ginger chai.
* Sleeping in warm bed while listening to the thunder outside.
* Drinking endless cups of tea.
I just finished my hot cup of coffee and I plan to bake away while it steadily rains outside.
Have a great rainy day!


Anrosh said...

so simple, yet magical.
kudos to the photographer.

Pacchai Milagai said...

nice post...
I love to do all those things when it rains. espeically eat corn and drink ginger chai with pakoras!and if the lights went out during the rain.. play antakshari.

Arch said...

Anrosh- Thanks:-)

Pacchai- Thanks.
Antakshari would be a great idea!

rochambeau said...

Your words are beautiful, so are all four of your sites. I'm so happy to leave you a comment today Ms. Arch!
Will you do something creative today?

Arch said...

rochambeau- I am glad you are now able to leave comments.

Thanks for the lovely words!!

deborah said...

i'm a big fan of rainy days... and all of those things sounds wonderful.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

So wonderful! I'll join you. Baking, tea, coffee, good conversation. Let it rain!
This post is amazing. Loved it!

Arch said...

deborah, blue
Thanks..glad you liked it:-)

~Me said...

Yup!!! i agree with all that u have listed out...:) corn and jumping into the puddle and hot pakoras with chai are my pet favs :)
how i wish we were neighbours :) hehe

Charlotte said...

I am a total rain fan! In fact, it's my favourite weather pretty much. Although I do like Sunny days too - preferably not too hot though!