Friday, March 19, 2010

~ summer light ~

Summer Light -Thru the Trees
Summer Light - Spotted Me
Summer Light - Palest Gold
Summer Light - Bright and Bold

I Saw Summer Light Descend
Summer Light, Made Shadows Bend
Summer Light, On An Emerald Pond
I Reached Out… It Touched My Palm

Summer Light, It Fell Like Powder
Or a Floating Incandescent Feather
Came Down, Like A Sheer, White Swan
Summer Light – Lifted Wing-Like Arms

So Sunrays Slanted – Shone-Misty
Summer Light-Beams, Embraced Me
Warm, Wonderful Summer Light
Touch Me Tender, Solar- Might

Summer Light, When I Was Lost
Summer Light, Found Me Before Frost
Summer Light - None Else Looked For Me…
Summer Light Said, “I Always See…”

I Love Summer Light

~Moonbee Canady


Shalini said...


I enjoy noticing the difference in light as the seasons changes too.

Madhu Gopalan said...

Such a cute post :)

Lovely light in the picture, and in the header too :)

bhumika said...

I blv your best pics have always had a play of light and shadow. And with summers here, the pics are sure to get more delicious :)

lovely header image!

Deepa said...

Lovely Post!

Anonymous said...