Wednesday, March 17, 2010

summer moments...

~ A little angel comes home.
~ Reading Nadeem Aslam's 'The Season of the Rainbirds' and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
~ The papery beauty of pressed bougainvillea flowers.
~ Ripe fragrance of summer fruits.
~ Spurt of growth and blooms in my hibiscus & alamanda plants.
~ Melon, Banana & Honey milkshakes.
~ Chai with leftover cupcakes.
~ Afternoon siestas;-)

What are your summer moments like?


kye said...

- early morning sunrises.
- chai in the balcony.
- frangipani blooming.
- aam panna, watermelon juice, buttermilk.
- evening walks in the sunset.
- evenings doing nothing but enjoying the cool breeze.
- a nice bath before bed time
- sleeping with the balcony doors open! (i live on the 8th floor of a very secure compound, but i would not advise this to everyone)

Anupama Puneeth said...

spring has just started here and summer is still months away :-)
But summer for me is
- long bright days
- more time left after the office :)
- evening/late night walk on the beach
- dip in the sea :)
- swimming lessons
- watermelons and home made kulfis

Chandan said...

Awesome pics as ever arch. Love the pressed flowers and the book shots. Amazing blog header too.

Shalini said...

Lovely photos. I love how perfectly you have pressed the bougainvilleas!

My summer moments also include afternoon siestas, chiks on the windows letting in filtered light, cool drinks in the evening and lovely mulmul clothes in pretty colors.

life in yonder said...

I love how the light falls on the plate...a beautiful plate.

zobars said...

I wish I could capture the beauty of summer and all of its moments like you do. Makes me stop to think and take in the beauty around me... I am such a lost cause

Anu said...

Love the bougainvillea pic. Reminded me of an old poem I read (I can't remember where but it was published in an Indian journal in the 80s).

Tattered bells of scentless glory
mauve and magenta rooted
gay as gypsy rags
as abandoned as a circus
as gregarious as a crowd.