Friday, August 17, 2012

Warm up...

I have.
Slowly begun to warm up to Minnesota, as the leaves here seem to herald autumn.

Life here in an empty home seems to be taking on a routine. 
Slow. Routine.
That is the word that I seem to be gravitating towards and hence towards blogging which seems to offer  an easy pace to put my thoughts down as words and images.

Have always been a locavore, picking up vegetables sourced from local vendors, eating seasonal. 
I enjoyed checking out Whole Foods and it's delightful merchandising, I quickly also googled for local farmer's market and found one close by!

Yesterday we spent sometime there buying some regular as well as some very interesting local produce.

M seemed to have colour coordinated her flip-flops with the peppers here;-)
Squashes in pretty shapes, sizes and colours. Pattypan squash, bottleneck squash and zucchini.

I have been cooking with some lovely local vegetables as well...
Beetroot tainted Acorn squash:-)
Butternut Squash...
...eating some juicy cherries.
I bought my first succulents at the farmer's market yesterday.

As long as there is Mr. Sun shining outside my window, it feels like home.


pRiyA said...

Such beautiful shapes and colours. Thank you for sharing. And glad to hear you are slowly getting back to routine and feeling at home.

Sneha said...

Lovely, lovely colours. The butternut squash looks cute! Your pictures and narration leave me wanting for more :)

Dithi said...

You will carry sunshine in your bag and camera wherever you go - whenever i saw new and different fruits and vegetables in this side of the world and tried to photograph them to share - i have thought of you :)!

Rupa said...

I hope you will check out Trader Joe's as well which is an inexpensive organic items store. They are not Whole foods but prices are great for what they sell. I can't be without TJ for some of my items like organic butter/milk/eggs/broccoli etc all of which are reasonably priced. I always make pesto with their fresh basil :) All the best to you!

rk said...

I love those colored peppers! I make a vegetarian pasta with them. Great cover photo!

anup keerrthi said...

ha ha, i am going thru the same thing as well, moved in last week of july from blore to ohio, squrriels are larger, rabbits abuntant, did u notice the moon last nite? it seemed just like the one in the dreamworks log :) i think i am going to associate to a lot of things from ur post. and everything is so photogenic.

Shri said...

The pattypan squash work really well in the North-Indian style subzi's. Loved the pictures.