Thursday, April 15, 2010

shiny nail paints and happy days...

Summer vacations is the time to

~ splash around in the swimming pool.
~ tanning in the sun.
~ sip tall glasses of fresh fruit juices.
~ open the refrigerator door again and again till you hear the mother scream in the background.
~ paint shiny nail paints on little tips & toes.
~ short hair cuts.
~ devour cool custards and strawberry jellies.
~ read loads of magical books.
~ spend hours lazing around doing nothing.
~ keep the windows wide open.
~ watch the busy mynas build their nest.
~ water-melons, musk melons.
~ wink after eating fresh raw mangoes with salt and chilli powder.
~ drink rooh afza! ( I love it in cold milk)

also a time for a break from the internet:-)

Will see you later. Have a great summer.

( My daughter, my model;-)


Anupama Puneeth said...

beautiful Arch.
Have loads of fun with your princess :-)

Anonymous said...

Please do not take it personally.. this is just a suggestion.. I have noticed many of your pics have your feet showing. It doesnt come across as very pleasing to the viewer. I understand you have developed it as a style or sort of a signature, but wanted to give you an honest opinion that it is rather a put off.. and particularly so, if one doesnt have the most beautiful of feet!!!! Please avoid it if you can. :-P

Shalini said...

Lovely! Something so charming about little girls wanting their nails polished just like Mama! Love the shot of M's feet with the carnations.

I disagree with Anon's comment...It's a personal expression, whether you take shots of hands or feet, nothing to be put-off.

Also, you have lovely feet arch, and a nice collection of toe rings, so do carry on.

Arch at Rang said...

Anupama~ Thanks:-)

Shalini~ Thanks:-) Shiny nail polish is such a summer vacation activity...since during the school days they can't indulge in such pleasures:-)

Anon~ Thanks for dropping by my blog. I do appreciate your views...just that I have a foot fetish and I can't help but take feet pics even if they aren't the most beautiful looking feet.

Sorry about that, can't avoid that;-)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Beautiful Archana :-) I guess every one is entitled to have their opinion and I agree with yours :-)

vineeta said...

I *LOVED* this post and my fav pics from it are the 1st ( so so stylish) and the one with your daughters feet and the carnations & the one with your feet and your daughters. Beautifully composed. And I'm afraid after reading 'anonymous's comment' I'm inclined to love your post, your pics and especially the pics of your feet a lot more vehemently. Keep putting up pics of whatever you want. This is your blog & we love your work. A WHOLE LOAD of us do.

PreeOccupied said...

Lovely compositions. Nothing beats a Mother-Daughter bond - be in reading stories, painting nails or braiding hair!

Yayyyy to all Moms and Daughters!

Shweta said...

Hi Archana,

I have been following your blog for sometime. Actually i stumbled upon it when i was googling for Indian decor and design. I really liked your ideas, and pics. Your colour therapy is very pleasing. Your blog is an eye candy and I always look forward to reading or learning something new from it.

Thanks for being Indian by design. It is refreshing!

My blog is


life in yonder said...

Where do you live that have summer now? We are still waiting for the spring :-)

Love your summer list!

And your feet photos.

And here we go again said...

Hey there!

This is another nice post. Have a happy summer and hope mallika has loads of fun too.

And keep posting more of your feet pics.



sudha said...

I love mom and daughter bonding cute!

Krea said...

I particularly like the photo with your little girls feet and flowers.
Happy summer!
Here in Sweden we are in the early spring.

ARCHANA said...

i wear the same toe ring archana, but it is gold in color.
i was always a silents admirer of your blogs,