Friday, June 26, 2009

simple pleasures~

* A bunch of wild flowers tied into a little bunch with a string.
* early morning cool breeze.
* sparrows chirping.
* white rangoli on wet pavements.
* children's laughter.
* fluttering pigeons .
* my favourite song on replay.
* amul roasted almond ice-cream in a tub.
* juicy litchis that don't last longer than few minutes.
* pulpy intoxicating mangoes.
* anticipation of the weekend.
* seeing my cosmos seedlings grow.

what are your simple pleasures?


Anonymous said...

Birds in the garden, flowers blooming slowly, the kids giggling with laughter and merrily tinkling wind chimes :)

Arch at Rang said...

How lovely Aditi:-)

bhumika said...

such a co-incidence - my latest post is also about such simple pleasures. I enjoy long walks in the evening, watching the sunset sky and ofcourse having a hot cup of chai :)

megha punater said...

drawing,sitting on the terrace enjoying a drink,going through art books,walks in the nature,spending time with kids,finding and observing seed pods, going to the library and watching the flame of a lit candle.

pink dogwood said...

My pleasures?

sniffing tomato plants
pulling weeds
sitting in the backyard at night
picking berries
listening my daughter play flute
listening to my other daughter play piano

Spontaneous Mini said...

Simple pleasures-
I love to lie under the shady trees and read on a hot day.
Lie in the sun on a balmy winter day.
lounge around on a chatai and gossip with my aunts. mom or friends.
lie and stare at stars on a cool night.
sit on my patio quitely and watch the birds feeding from the bird feeder.
Did I pen a post here? ;-)

Manasa said...

Seeing your blog post without a pic for the first time!

Arch at Rang said...

bhumika, megha- So wonderful!

Bhavana- What a musical family you have! Must be so nice to hear:-)

Spontaneous Mini- Welcome to my blog:-)

Manasa- Good observation;-) Just added a photograph:-)

kavitha said...

- the 5 minute car ride when I pick Nethra up from school
- watching her sleep and waiting for her to wake up... (the first 10 min after she wakes are the best times ever)
- going thru' rang decor archives and your home tour in AT :)
- lighting my new 10-minute incense sticks
- spotting the new leaves everyday on my jade bonsai.... am nourishing it back to health after a bad spell
- dreaming about how our new apartment will turn out.... and waiting for finally being able to leave the windows open :)

Arch at Rang said...

Kavitha- So cool!

...and yes watting for one's dream home to be completed is one great feeling:-)

Devi said...

Mine is..coming to ofc and checking your blog and finding a new post :)

Anonymous said...

pomogranate cordial with soda
frangipani flowers (they make me so happy)
fresh smelling clothes
fabric and textiles
pebeo acrylic paints

Jagriti said...

beautiful post, as always...

simple pleasures for me ~

-i love to see the winter morning sunlight filtering through the window on the white sheets of my bed.

-20 minutes of tea and talk time with mom in the morning breeze of our balcony, before rushing for work.

-eating crispy pakodas on rainly evenings

-pulling my sister's cheeks and seeing her faking anger...!

-hearing the sound of thunder...! it soars my heart..!

-real slow driving, with my headphones on ~ engrossed in music and feeling the intoxicating wind on my skin.

-watching a new bud or sprout blossom in the potted plants at home.

thanks for this post..i loved recalling the simple things which make me happy :)


My simple pleasures:

Sipping warm rose tea on a chilly day when my toes and fingers are kinda frozen.

My 4 yr cousins face. To me her chubby , dimpled face is like an energy shot.

When my mum kisses me when she thinks I'm still asleep :P

Sunrise/sunset/rain from my verandah.

Man I am in such a good mood, the weather here is brilliant lol.