Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of books and libraries...

I have been reading this book called 'Like the Flowing River' by Paulo Coelho. It's a compilation of his thoughts and reflections in the form of small stories.

Beautiful thought-provoking insights about everyday life.
I like it.

A small excerpt from on of the chapters about books...
" ...I used to say that I needed my books in case I ever wanted to look something up in them. now, however, when I want to find something, I turn on my computer, type in the key word or words, and everything I need to know appears on the screen- courtesy of the internet, the biggest library on the planet."

"Of course, I continue to buy books - there's no electronic substitute for them; but as soon as I've finished a book, I let it go; I give it to someone else, or to the public library..."

" Let's leave our books free to travel, then, to be touched by other hands, and enjoyed by other eyes. As I'm writing this, I have a vague memory of a poem by Jorge Luis Borges, which speaks of books that will never again be opened.

There is a line from Verlaine I'll never now recall,
There is a street nearby from which my footsteps are barred,
There is a mirror that has looked it's last on my face,
There is a door I have closed for the final time.
Amongst the books in my library ( I can see them now)
There are some I will never open again.

Have a great day!

( P.S.~ The summer mini- series of photographs is over for now, will try and do another series soon:-)


Anonymous said...

So very true, especially the line "among the books in my library, there are some I will never open again".
I don't know about 'letting my books travel though', I collect them and just looking at them gives me pleasure.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Whenever I feel down, I go to the library or the book store. Something so soothing, being surround by books. I used to keep them all until we started moving frequently - then I decided to let them travel too:)

Sophie said...

Even I've read this book and it was quite rejuvenating....books have a certain charm...you will not believe this but, at times the book that you are reading provides solution/answers to the most intriguing questions gripping your life at that particular point of time...and I've experienced this quite recently...even while typing this I'm getting goose bumps...

Arch at Rang said...

Thanks Aditi, Kala Pohl, Sophie:-))

Aditi- I lean more towards what you've said;-)

Kala Pohl- I completely agree!

Sophie- Very true...sometimes I feel that too:-)

Shalini said...

The power that books have to make us feel better and take us into another world is incomparable. When we moved from the States in 2004, the only things I brought back were my cartons of books. I just could not imagine coming home without them.

Lakshmi -Celebrations of Life said...

They open up an entirely new world before us. Worlds we have never visited before, unheard of, even unimagined before. They open up a plethora of experiences and tales of awe which one can only, but read to experience. For me books are not to be read and forgotten but to be read again and again.Some of them especially I keep on reading them again and think of them,the people,life,the cultures associated with them.It just comes into my mind frame by frame as i close my eyes to dream.

bhumika said...

I'm really possessive about my books. But here i see a complete different thought - of letting others read and enjoy what you did.

That's such a lovely thought to begin the day with!

Sunita said...

I love the scent of a new book... so full of promise, of giddy happiness at what lies in store.
I treasure the feel of an old book ... well-worn, with shared secrets and memories waiting to be replayed again and again.

Gypsy Alex said...

Oh I haven't read Paulo Coelho in a while now... perhaps time to check another one of his mystical books. Love the quotes ~ It felt a little sad thinking of the books that will never be opened again. Sometimes just caressing their covers is enough, tho ;)