Sunday, March 08, 2009

8 March, 2009

To all the lovely ladies who read Rang: The Colours of Life.
Celebrate yourself. Celebrate life.
Have a great day!


Altoid said...

Just perfect for Holi :). Have a great weekend Arch!

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are gentle and beautiful. They always remind me to look for beauty in every moment. Thank you for sharing.

zobars said...

Is that a chikoo milkshake arch ??

Arch at Rang said...


Zobars- It's banana & strawberry shake:-)

Shalini said...

Beautiful photos Arch...delicate yet strong.

vineeta said...

HEY, you're doing the daily as well too! I end up checking Rang decor & forget that this is your mainstay. Great going!!
Beautiful photography Archana, but u don't need me to say that :)