Monday, February 09, 2009

The tag game...

Megha and Maya have tagged me for the 6th tag game.
Here is the sixth photograph from my sixth folder and the story around it.

This photograph was taken along with the others when I was experimenting with out-of-focus images.

Hope you can make out what it is;-)?

Anyone interested can pick up the tag:-)

Have a great Monday!


flaming coppercat said...

is it honey?!?


I think its pickle.

Braja said...

fruit conserve?

Arch at Rang said...


The humble Orange Marmalade;-)

Pacchai Milagai said...

just saw ur house in apt therapy. just mesmerized!!! love the oonjal we have one like that in our chennai family home which is nearly 100 years old (originally from vellore) also love the courtyard. bravo!