Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy things.

Just close your eyes. Now.
What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel?

* Mango trees are sprouting blooms.
* Big fat barbets are singing again.
* Some more
Malai Kulfis.
* Memories of last summer come flooding back.
* The heady fragrance of ripe juicy Mangoes.
* Corner House's
'Fig and Honey' or maybe 'Vanilla Choco Chip' ice cream.
* Glasses of
Nimboo Pani with Kala namak are guzzled in litres.
* Time for my special smoothies.
* Dreaming of summer vacations,
hey wait, I am not in school anymore.
* Flip Flops.
* Fresh flowers on the dining table.
* Change those bedspreads to pastels or floral prints.
* Fruit custard and jelly!(Childhood memories)
* Sunrays are brightening different corners.
* The roads seemed empty yesterday afternoon.
* Love green signals.
* The purple of the jacaranda trees dot the lanes.

What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel?


d said...

what do i see?
among other things, lovely new posts and pics on your blogs! (yes, yes, i did close my eyes!)

you must consider closing down your food pictures blog. everything i see on it i MUST have. and i go rushing off to procure it and stuff my face! can't be good for me at all!

been waiting for that absolute treat that i finally got at apartment therapy!

need some info on those brackets. i want one like that too - where did you get them? i checked at some hardware stores on and off commercial street but could'nt find such pretty ones...

also more mallika room pics please? am constantly looking for ideas to decorate my daughters' room!

- d

~mE said...

Oh yes, mango trees sprouting flowers...and with them comes those tiny insects for them..:)

I also see a water lilly blooming at home :)

my tanjore painting coming to life ..

ill have a cake fudge at corner house :)

Have a good day

Nat said...

the slowly getting warmer breeze thawing me
sunlight being more intense and reaching into sleepy dark corners
children in shorts and tanks
a skip in everyone's step
birds and bird calls
ice-pops and ice-pop induced stained little mouths and lips
playing outside
sitting on the porch and slurping something/anything chilled
sunsets at 8:00pm
walks, long walks

vineeta said...

What do I see?- other blogs for now :)
What do i smell? lunch cooking in coconut oil- the house is filled with that aroma
What do I feel? I feel calm, but I've got to pack to go back to bombay, my 10 day vacation ends today! woooaahh!!! :(

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Absolutly great and by reading this you sent breathtaking fresh flowers to my mind Arch...thanks and great words

Chandan said...

awesome light again Arch...In love with the new header too !

Anil P said...

I see cashews covering the trees. And the blue skies in Goa.

Arch at Rang said...

d- The brackets are custom made..it's very simple and can be replicated by any welder/carpenter.

Mallika's room is still not done. Will definitely share once we are through:-)

Sharanya- You have water lilies at home? Wow!

Nat- Welcome to my blog:-)

Vineeta- LOL:-)

Sapna, Chandan, Anil- Thanks:-))

d said...

what i meant was where did you get the angle supports for the brackets. (the brass / wrought iron / whatever metal ones). i have some myself, but since i could'nt get nice angle supports i got the brackets bolted into the walls. i wanted something similar but the hardware stores i went to had ugly gold coloured angles with elaborate designs.