Wednesday, February 20, 2008

*Tagged* Again...

Tagged by Masala Chai :-) If you are interested in reading what I wrote last year in Rang Decor, do click here:-) Now for seven random facts about Arch*

* The Copywriter...

I wrote my own matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper since my parents were tired of explaining to people that their daughter did not paint billboards though she worked in an advertising agency!
( My now Mother-in-law was the first to call regarding the ad and I owe her a big one for that:-) She still has that newspaper cutting I think)

* Chai-Lover...What can I say, I absolutely love tea. It's an experience where I hold the hot cup in my hands, watch the steam disappear into the atmosphere,the aroma of tea with hints of ginger, cardamom or cinnamon soothe my senses and my mind. I take a sip of the heavenly concoction and float away into a world where words combust to form images and coffee just jolts me back to reality:-) ( No offence to Coffee drinkers;-)
I have a blog dedicated to there anything more sincere than that;-)

Advertisers' delight!
I see a Pond's Age Miracle Television Commercial, I immediately start seeing fine lines appear near my eyes and have to take that 7-days challenge to see if it really works:-)
Oh! This one really got me - The new Women's Horlicks* Commercial. The one with Konkona Sen in it . She writes 'to-do' lists ( I am a mistress of to-do lists!!!) The dropping & picking ups, the party plannings, the in-between task, beauty routine,...well these guys got their target audience bang on!! Off to pick the jar of Horlicks with extra calcium and iron for multi-tasking mothers like me:-))

* The Master organiser...

For people who are tuned into my Flickr photostream know they would find a new set everyday:-)
1.on the chopping board...
Well, don't laugh if I tell you the days I have time for myself i stack my clothes according to if you open my cupboard you'll find a shade card of clothes staring back at you:-)

* "A thing for...
...many things:-) Doors. Feet. Empty Chairs. Romantic movies. Handmade, handcrafted Jewellery. Floating flowers. Morning sunlight. Fresh juicy fruits bursting with colour & flavour. Home cooked food. Kohl-lined eyes. Bakeries. Smiles. Smell & texture of printed pages of books and many many more...( will talk about them in my next tag;-)

* A perplexed third person...

I wonder at myself transforming from a bike-riding, tomboy who had never visited the kitchen of the house, who spent late hours at work tapping her right-brain and meeting deadlines to a "Domestic Goddess" who willing decides to stay at home, cooks, cleans, decorates, bakes, entertains, blogs and photographs all this for posterity (I see my Mother smiling :-)

* An obsessive food photographer...
I am big time into photography but this is a very new phenomenon. I dream of rolling in sugar dust, sliding down that slab of butter, swimming in the pools of Jam tart.
Yes, it's that bad!?! Any solutions?

I wondered why I needed to share these things with the world and then I felt if I didn't, someone out there might not know that arranging your clothes according to colours is not a bad idea after all;-))

I now tag- Deepika of Mudram, Kavitha of Things that caught my attention, Priya of The Plum Tree & Big Fat Brekkie, Prashant of Chai Ki Dhukan, Fay of Red River Interiors, Shuma of Shuma.Rani, Adi of Delhi Dreams and


~ ॐ ~ said...

i loved this post !!!!

super duper :)

priya said...

i enjoyed this entry very much of a glimpse into your life. you really have an eye for capturing beauty arch.
just a few questions:
nonsuch tea? what's that kind?
does 'age miracle'really work?
i think i will be buying that horlicks anyway.
and hey, i want to know what you wrote in you matrimonial ad!! (just kidding).

Johannah said...

You have the most beautiful eye for photography. I have never seen so many consistently beautiful pictures in one place. I want to paste them all over my walls.
Also, this was the best "tag" reply I have ever seen.
Thanks for your blogs.


Beeeyootiful post dear Arch . I'm glad you went through the trouble :P was TOTALLY worth it. I just really hope you always stay in this state of contentment.*touches wood*
I hate arranging clothes, when I get free time I spazz aka laze. I'm a lethargic soul with constant dreams in the head. I share the chai love ofcourse . I LOVE the idea of your mum-in-law finding your self-scripted matrimonial add, very cute . Haven't seen the horlicks commercial (hardly watch any t.v. these days unless mum points out something to me) but i love Konkona. She is so beautiful in a believable way. AND FINALLY - your food photography always leaves me with sugar cravings! (once I went so far as to buy some donuts- they were really bad)

~mE said...

NICE :))

Shireena said...

There is such a spirit of peace and comfort in your writing and masterful photography. I have been visiting your blogs for the past week now and find them so completely uplifting and inspiring. I like to escape during those hard days at the office - and your beautiful blogs are now on my list of "vacations" I take during those days - thanks!

Arch at Rang said...

Prashant- Thanks:-) Waiting for your post:-))

priya- Thanks:-)
Nonsuch Tea is one of the well-known teas from the Nilgiris:-)
Age miracle I still have to try;-))
Yes, go ahead and buy the Horlicks:-) Your body needs it too;-)
I guess it must have made some sense,if somebody actually saw it and responded;-))

johannah- Thanks a lot for the kind words:-))
I just thought by sprucing up the tags with some photographs will make it a lil bit more interesting:-)) Thanks once again and do drop by:-))

Powerpuff- Thanks to you:-)))

Panache- Thanks:-)

shireena- Thanks a lot for the lovely comment:-) Do visit me often for your vacations;-))

You have a delightful blog too:-))

Anonymous said...

oh i don't arrange my clothes according to colour, but the more people i find who think it is not such a bad thing after all to turn from right brain tapping at work to staying home cleaning mould and moulding minds and also obsessing about sugar and spice and all things nice, the happier i feel.
- d

Bhavna said...

Wonderful read and a visual delight Arch! :-) the color coding of wadrobe..I have tried it with books but never with clothes!

Shireena said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, Arch! I just took a vacation today to your Cauvery Camp last October - loved it!

Anonymous said...

i got here through your photoblog...i love what i've are soooo talented.......the bike riding tomboy now mother/wife is too close for not a mother (yet) bookmarking you!! cheers!!

vineeta said...

:) I'm sooo late in catching this :( My fault- always check Rang decor & then go off- I must remind myself that this is the Colours of Life" season- and has benn for soommmeee time :)

Loved reading this- some were new, some I knew :) U arrange your cupboards like a shade card!!!! archana 'only u' could do it! I still persist in being in the 'tomboy' stage. call it escapism :) But u are inspiration & if ever I look to the 'marital' side of things, trust me, u will be inspiration :) You will also be inspiration for finding beauty in everyday life & for the way you photograph your world. Big Hug!

adi said...

like all ur posts, i love this one too :)
gorgeous to say the least
and the best things were related to advertising
were u a copywriter too :)
and where in delhi/gurgaon?

Anrosh said...

The tribal jewellery looks good and so does all the food photography.
Wonderful personality.
I enjoy all the hues of the color that you bring to the post. went through your flicker again and again and again.The picture with the lantern in the hampi archives has charmed me. It is now a wall paper on my pc.

Anrosh said...

Re-Reading the comment written, I feel it appears a rude - Sounds like that I lifted the picture. I didn't mean that way - All kudos to you ofcourse. I had friends who came for lunch asking the source of the picture and pointed out your flicker and the blog - So it is with all kudos to you. All in good spirit and no plagarisim.

Anonymous said...

:-)That was fun reading about you Arch! I have not seen that new horlicks ad - but that was pretty funny :-) You certainly have an eye for all things colorful and beautiful! And the food photography - i can relate :-)

shuma.rani said...

Great idea...thanks for tagging me. Check out my blog :))

Arch at Rang said...

d- yeah you said's not bad at all to be a Wiling Stay at Home MOm:-))

Bhavna- Thanks:-) I am sure the books things wud make a great center of interest:-)

shireena- Thanks:-) Come back for more:-))

arundati- Thanks a lot:-) Do drop by often:-))

vineeta- Thanks:-) Yes, even my dear ones say it"only u" can do this thing of arrange clothes according to colours;-))

adi- Thanks:-) I knew the Copywriter part would appeal to you;-) No delhi and Gurgaon:-))
Waiting for your post:-)

anrosh- Thanks:-)) Don't worry abt anything:-) I got what you wanted to say....I really appreciate it:-))) Thanks again!

latha- Thanks:-) I am sure you can relate to the Food Photography!!

shuma- Thanks:-) Yes, lovely post...thanks for sharing:-)

Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

I'm am so glad that you turned into a domestic goddess!!! What the world needs is more enchanting souls like you coming alive ~ You really know how to savor and capture the beauty of everyday life!
So inspired by the fact you came by! :*) xo

Priya Malhan Sachdeva said...

wow arch,
its really great to see u've come a long way from the tomboy i knew and have made tons and tons of friends with your blog...great going and i'mmm luving it!

M.KATE said...

absolutely beautiful posts, love everything there!!

Sreelu said...

Archana, first time at your blog, I must say I am blown away. such vibrance,beautiful colors. Your blog wants me to run back home. awesome ,awesome,awesome.

vijju said...

hey archana... nice blogs.. i didn't read your posts.. but i am impressed with the photos as i am amature photographer.. ;) nice photography...

M.KATE said...
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sandra said...

such nice reading! oh tea tea tea!

Lorie McCown said...

I love your blog, so wonderful. Thanks for such an artistic insight to your world.

DesignFlute said...

Hi Arch,

After very busy many months i am enjoying going thru each of your blogs and that without any hurry!

Think can never have enough of your 'let it be' kind of photos!

And you know your 'tagged' posts are the ones I find absolutely honest!!!
Thanks 'cause I get so much here!

Nandita said...

Loved reading this...
BTW does WOmen's Horlicks taste any different from regular Horlicks? Been thinking of buying, but they dont have smaller bottles that i can try out.

Inderjit V M said...


Gunjan Karun said...

Awesome post and awesomer photos and awesomest person writing (living) it.

I stumbled into your blog and the first thing that I did was show it to my wife.

We enjoyed your blog and would like to congratulate you for living life.

All your photos in this post are from inside your home but each one of them has a story to tell.

I hope you life continues to be as colorful as ever.

And finally yes, you are not alone :) There are others (me me me) for whom tea is a way of life, not a drink, organizing things is second nature and enjoying life is the only way to live it.

Good work, keep it up.

Which Main? What Cross? said...

What colours! yum

Jagriti said...

hey arch..i had read this post of is one of those posts of yours which got me hooked to your colourful space...but it was wonderful reading it again...there is so much of colour and life in it...i love it..

Gagan Masoun said...

Pictures are too cool, Thanks for sharing with us :)