Wednesday, December 05, 2007


that time of the year when
* tabebuia blossoms paint the earth as well as the skies pink.
* sparkly stars descend on the balconies.
* the sun decides to go to bed early.
* hot, thick comforting soups are simmered.
* my home gets dressed in shades of red & green.
* the mind wanders in multiple directions trying to decide on what to bake.
* melodious voices of carol singers add excitement to a quiet winter's night.
* colourful arts & crafts fair are organised in the city.
Here are some amazing colours from
Kala Madhyam Folk Mela organised by Madhyam in Chitra kala Parishad ( Art College)Blue Pottery from RajasthanCeramic mugs from KhurjaBastar Metal ArtTraditional Kerala Painting
Blue Pottery Ceramic Tiles
Enamel work Meenakari earrings in various colours.


DesignFlute said...

The exotic blue pottery and meenakari earings- the must haves-lovely- I want to buy everything again!

Manisha said...

Lovely! I am particularly in love with the metal art! How big is it? Yes, I am planning for my next trip to India...whenever that is!

Anonymous said...

hey amazing - i said the same thing on my blog last week! will send you the link soon... in fact just today i took diya to the srishti visual arts thingee at cubbin park (again part of the habba) it was lovely - we did painting, made planes, animation, stuck our hands in moulding clay etc. it was beautiful. cubbon park was beautiful and there was a beautiful tabebuia tree full of pink blossoms right outside. (thats what i painted on my cardboard box). will be posting those pics soon...

michele said...


i can't tell you enough how much i adore these earrings! i have been looking for these for half my life!

do you have any idea where i can purchase a pair? is there a website?

i love your blog, wish i were there.

i have always dreamed of going to india, it is still a dream and one that will come to fruition at some point.

Arch at Rang said...

Roma- I wanted to buy everything too:-))

manisha- You should visit India:-))
The Bastar metal art piece I guess was about 3 feetX 4 feet.

d- Yes, the Bangalore Habba spirit has really caught on;-) everyone on Flickr & Bangalore blogging scene is covering it:-))
Yes, it was loads of fun:-)

michele- Thanks:-) I like Meenakari Jewellery too. Can find out and let you know about buying them online:-)
Do visit India soon:-))

shuma.rani said...

You are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauties!!

Anonymous said...

you have such a eye for beauty!! Gr8 ...

Latha said...

OH beautiful Arch! My mom was telling me all about Bengalooru habba and all the displays at Chitrakala Parishat.. now i got to see it - thanks to you :-)
Very nice..

vineeta said...

Im so glad I checked this blog. Infact i was looking forward to seeing the post on the ehhibition cause I'd seen the pics on flickr. I liked the kerala mural art on those cicular -what- pots?- coconut shells? superb stuff! I Love craft fairs :)

artnavy said...

where does one find the kerala coconut shells painted??

kalamadhyam said...

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Veda Murthy said...

Hi archana,

I am slowly seeing your bog everyday.....coz u have so much here that one day is not enough....we share so many check out my food blog n my art blog...when u find the time! I added u to my blog roll!

Anonymous said...

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Natasha Malhotra said...

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