Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Diwali to all you lovely people...

Here's wishing you a very happy & prosperous Diwali. The "Festival of Light," where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being.A glimpse of some of the Diwali Decorating Ideas I have been posting everyday for the last 10 days on Rang Decor ( My interior Design blog) I want to thank all of you who have stopped by to encourage, appreciate and suggest. Thanks for being there and supporting me during the last few days.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali!!!


Anonymous said...

As Always a wonderful post!

Wish you and your family a Very Happy Diwali!!!

New header image is awesome, loved the details...special wishes for our lovely model mallika!

Em happy to have a friend like you :-) God Bless!


rochambeau said...

Happy Diwali to you Arch. May the light of abundance be yours today and always!


Maddie said...

I always smile with your gorgeous
headers ~ lovely little hands:)