Monday, November 12, 2007

Crescent shadow moon & a blank page...

* I am a mistress of 'To-do' lists, but today my mind draws a blank.
* I hear a faint sound of a diwali firecracker.
* Festivities are over.
* A new day begins. A Monday. The day after Sunday. It is a Sunny day today.
* I see a crescent shadow moon in my teacup.
* I watch the steam originate from the surface of the chai and disappear into the rays of the sun.
* I stare at the curve of my handwriting waiting to continue.
* My mind & hand are conspiring against me.

* I take a sip of my cardamom tea and give in.
* There is beauty in blank unwritten pages of a notebook.
* The blank page remains and my mind follows suit.

Isn't tomorrow another day? (Where have I read that line?)



shula said...

It's the last line from the movie, Gone With The Wind.

Beautiful post.

Arch at Rang said...

Shula- Thanks:-)

One of my fav lines from the movie:-)
The question was intentional;-))

~ ॐ ~ said...

I don't know why, but i loved this post... wish i could favorite it or something like we can do in flickr...

Latha said...

Good one Arch! Calm after a festive few days for u :-) Hope u had a good diwali.

rochambeau said...

Hi Arch,
I smile to think that you are on the other side of the world under the blue skies writing your to~do lists.

I know that was a few days ago, so did you get it done?

I send you smiles.

Alpa said...

Your post was just beautiful! I have been visiting your site for a long time now, but first time writing a comment. Love all your pics too by the way!

Arch at Rang said...

om- Thanks:-) Really appreciate it:-)

latha- Thanks:-) about you??

Constance-I smile too:-)The to-do list was blank but I managed to do a whole bunch of stuff:-) Strange isn't it?

alpa- Thanks:-)Do drop by often:-)

Tharini said...

Such a cool and cute post. A feast for the eyes and senses and aesthetics is what your blog is. I have just discovered you thru a friend and I shall relish all that I am going to unearth further..:)

Tomorrow is another day....was it not Scarlett O Hara's line from Gone with the Wind?