Monday, February 12, 2007

Only Yesterday...

It seems just yesterday
*I was holding her in my arms and tip-toeing around the house lest she wakes up.
*Raffi's One light, One Sun CD was on replay the whole day because only his songs soothed her.
*She sucked all her fingers before settling for her thumb.
*Her tiny pink feet fit right within my palm.
*She makes 'hot soup' in her kitchen set for me when she thinks I look tired.
*'Where's the party tonight?' is her favourite song.
*She draws everyday & wants it to be scanned and 'uploaded' on to her blog.
*She wants her toe nails to be painted pink.


Rajesh Dangi said...

so cute!!

~mE said...

i dont know how i landed at this post in your blog..:)
but im glad..lovely arch

kiran said...

lovely lil one.....cute expression from a caring mom